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The customers of MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria spent about ₦986 billion on data subscriptions in the 2021 fiscal period, according to data from the NCC.

MTN Nigeria alone has made over ₦162 billion from data subscriptions in just the first quota of the year.

That’s a sign of the fact that Nigerians spend so much on just data subscriptions.

How about I tell you can actually get a movie or two with just ₦25!

This is by far the best data rate currently in the country.

With just ₦25, you’ll be credited with 250MB, and with ₦50, you will get a whopping 500MB!

That’s what the MTN Night plan offers.

If you are a heavy data user, you will want to watch movies online, download heavy files, or stream football matches online.

MTN night data plans give you the opportunity to enjoy these things with just a paltry sum, compared to what you would have spent ordinarily for these activities.

Spend less for more with the MTN Night plan today!

Go through this article to know how to go about it.

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is, to so many Nigerians, the leading telecommunications company currently in the country.

MTN Nigeria began its operations on August 21, 2001; just a few days after its strongest competitor in the industry, Airtel Nigeria, launched its telecommunication services.

MTN has steadily deployed its services across Nigeria, providing telecommunication services in over 223 cities and towns.

MTN Nigeria offers its many customers exciting and amazing data and voice bundles, one of which is the MTN Night Plan.

MTN Night Plan

MTN NightLife bundle is one of the many innovative ideas of the African giant telecommunications company.

The NightLife bundle offers its customers the highest amount of data at the lowest possible prices.

However, the MTN NightLife bundle is only available to customers who are subscribed to the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

MTN Pulse

MTN Pulse is by far the best MTN tariff plan, though that’s an arguable fact. However, you can check it out.

Aside from its Night plan bundle, MTN Pulse also offers some other exciting offers, below are a few:

  • 1.5GB at ₦500 and 750MB for just ₦300
  • 1GB at ₦200 for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • The best call rates
  • Goodybag bundle — the Goodybag bundle contains some good, perhaps even better deals. Amazing deals like ₦250 for 1GB worth of data, valid for 1 month! And so many others.

Note: All these can be accessed by dialing *406#

Not yet on MTN Pulse?

Don’t worry, I’ll put you through how to migrate to the tariff plan.

Steps to Migrate to MTN Pulse

Follow these steps to migrate to MTN Pulse now:

  • Dial *406#
  • Reply with ‘1’ (migrate option) on the prompt that appears.
  • Confirm and you’ll be notified that you’ve successfully migrated.

You’re now ready and eligible to use the MTN night plan!

Why the MTN Night Plan?

Using the ordinary MTN weekly or monthly data subscriptions for updating apps, downloading movies, music, games, and the likes would mean spending so much on data subscriptions.

Why not activate the MTN NightLife bundle and get 250MB for just ₦25 and apparently, 2GB worth of data for just ₦200, for these heavy data-consuming activities?

That would leave you with enough data to take care of the day’s business-like checking emails, and the likes.

MTN Night Plan Code Activation

Enjoy 2GB worth of data with just ₦200 only!

Download more movies, browse more, and enjoy more with the MTN night plan.

Follow these steps to activate the MTN Night Plan data bundle.

  • Dial *406#
  • On the prompt that appears, reply “3” (NightLife Bundles).
  • On the next prompt, chose the one that suits you:
    • ₦25 for 250MB
    • ₦50 for 500MB
  • On the next prompt, confirm and you’re ready! Enjoy your browsing.

You can just dial *406*3# and you’ll get subscribed immediately, whether you’ve migrated to the Pulse plan or not.

Note: You can buy as much as you want, and as many times, but you wouldn’t be allowed to purchase more when you reach the daily limit.

MTN Night Plan Limit

Unlike its competitors, MTN has the highest limit amount of 2GB.

You can only purchase the MTN night data plan for a maximum of 2GB worth of data.

However, that is just a daily limit, which means you can still purchase the following day, and so on.

However, the data subscription is only valid for just a one night endeavour to exhaust it.

What time does the MTN Night Plan start?

The MTN NightLife bundle Plan, just from its name, only comes alive at night.

Love staying awake at night? Then, you’ll surely enjoy it.

The plan starts from 11 PM and lasts till 6 AM.

Obviously, staying awake is the only price you have to pay to enjoy this unreal data bundle.

How to Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

I’m sure you must have used the normal *131*4# and you got a notification that you’ve had no data subscription?

Follow these steps to check your MTN Night Plan data balance.

  • Dial *406#
  • Select option 3 (NightLife bundle)
  • Select option 3 again and your NightLife bundle balance would be checked.

However, if that method doesn’t work for you, you may try the next one.

  • Open your phone’s ‘settings’ app.
  • Access your phone’s settings.
  • Go to the Data usage settings
  • Open and set a data limit
  • Monitor when you’ve reached or exceeded the data limit you set.

So, get your favourite downloads done.

Spend less money for more data and use this amazing data deal.

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