PalmPay Customer Care WhatsApp Number (Get Solutions)

In using the PalmPay app to solve our financial needs, we might encounter issues, and that’s where the customer care line comes in handy.

Customer care is when companies treat their customers with respect and kindness and build an emotional connection with them.

PalmPay has a dedicated customer care unit that’s ready to answer all your questions in relation to their financial services.

By contacting PalmPay customer support, you can resolve your problem on the app.

PalmPay Customer Care

  • Email:
  • Phone: 018886888

Social Media

Here is what you can do with PalmPay customer care, WhatsApp and phone number:

  • Ask about or register for POS.
  • Ask questions about online banking and related features.
  • Get updated and reliable information on any of the loan services.
  • Request for your account balance.
  • Resolve transaction problems.

I Lost My PalmPay Number

If you have lost your PalmPay number, recover it by contacting PalmPay customer support.


PalmPay customer support will then send you an email with instructions on how to recover your PalmPay number.

How Does PalmPay Help Keep Your Money Safe from Scams and Fraud?

Online scamming is becoming widespread.

PalmPay have always been committed to the safety of all users’ funds.

Check below to know how safe your money is.

Account Limits

PalmPay has three account levels. Account Tier 1, with merely a phone number provided, has a transaction limit of ₦50,000 and a balance limit of ₦300,000.

For higher limits, users need to upgrade their account tier by submitting KYC documents, such as ID, bank card, bank account, BVN, cell phone number, etc.

Note that upon detection of fraud signs, a new account will face a transaction limit of ₦5000 within the first 3 days.


Each PalmPay account is secured with a unique four-digit PIN for logins and transactions.

Keep this code to yourself only.

Transaction Alerts

Real time app alerts are sent to you when you send money to a stranger’s PalmPay account, or whenever you send over ₦50,000 out.

Also, a transaction limit is placed for first-time transfers to a stranger’s account.

Fraud Prevention

Once any suspicious transaction is detected, it will instantly be intercepted.

If you find that you’ve been frauded, contact customer service via the hotline 018886888 or app, email, or social media and the reported fraudulent accounts will freeze immediately.

If your money has got into the fraudster’s PalmPay account, the money will be kept on hold upon system detection or report.

This way, fraudsters cannot easily transfer your money out of the platform.

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  1. 3 pple sent me money to my palmpay account they have been debited by their bank but palmpay haven’t credited me since morning ????

    What’s wrong??

  2. pls I sent 20k to someone around 6am on 4th of November 2023 and I have been debited while till now the person is yet to be credited.

  3. I made a mistake and transfer 3100 from my account bank account to a wrong palmpay account. Pls hw do I recover my money? 08035956594

  4. I lost my number I use to Open my palmpay Account Which I Try to modify but the App Was not Asking me of a Location I have used before , How Answering of those Questions lead that I can’t Modify the Account Anymore , I need my money back

  5. Money was sent to my palmpay account 8030676022 on 1st August and uptil now I have not seen the money why? Below is d transfer receipt ?

    Debit: 308XXXX757 Amt: NGN20,000.00 Date: 01-AUG-2023 12:40:18 Desc: FIP:USSD:PCM/Adanma Ihuoma Onwu/USSD_SEN. Bal: NGNCR. Dial *894*11# to get loan

  6. Good morning support. I’m dropping this complaints because I’m tired of the so called customer service u pipo claim to have. I will send a mail ova an issues that even opay did not take 2 weeks to resolved.
    I lost my phone on the 31/3/23., I called requesting dat my account should be blocked.
    I bought another phone d following day, and since then have been calling, sending mails for my account to be unblocked. I submitted all the necessary requirements till date my account has not been resolved. I can’t transfer. the only thing you people knows how to do is to kip creating ticket I’d. how I wish I can get in touch with d gm or md of palmpay I swear I go blast am. this rubbish na

  7. Good morning my name is Okunebe Joseph my palmpay flexi account is frozen and I can borrow loan after paying my dept with the interest

    1. Please I want my money back.

      Someone sent money into my lost phone number that was being registered with palmpay and I need that money now please.

  8. They debited me 395 naira without an actual reason and I did not borrow money from you so what happened about it

  9. Account name Adebayo Joy account number 9049821443 bank name palmpay

    this account has been defrauding pple I have even reported it to efcc kindly look into it they call themselves madam grace blessing deal on fake shoes online I personally transfered 16k and they doped me of it

  10. Since. 8 am I got credited 92750 but it didn’t show in my balance and I can’t even use my cash in my account, can’t transfer or withdraw, I don’t think I can trust them again just release my money for me to use please urgent things at hand

  11. Please I losty phone with my SIM can on my plampy account and I have money unsaidy account 6,400 please help me
    I upgraded my account with my bank BVN and bank account

    1. I lost my sim and I want to recover my account cause I normally use it for business and my money is on it. please

  12. Since yesterday morning by 9:27am i transfer money to Palmpay POS and the person hasn’t received alart till now

  13. Pls my hubby just sent money to my palmpay instead of inputing palmpay he went to put Sterling bank with the same account,pls help me rectify

  14. Pls I send 7400 to someone account for 1 week plus now and I have be debited It has not been credited. Check for me please and refused me the money

  15. Good day palmpay pls refund my money since 7 – 4 -2023.. 10,000#customer buy goods from me and transfer instant and success since that day I never see money in enter my account pls ooo , customer used palmpay to. Palmpay thanks management

  16. I sent 20000 to my palmpay account since yesterday and I haven’t been credited,and I have been debited immediately please what going on

  17. Have been receiving message from you to repay a flexi loan of 1,035 which I did not even initiate the loan transaction and it keep increasing day to day.

    I don’t understand this

  18. Please sir/ ma, someone send money to my palmpay account since yesterday but I have not received alert please help me

  19. Transfer of one thousand five hundred naria from my palm pay account 9023891694 to an account did not get to the receiver and the money was deducted Tuesday 28th March 2023.

    Can’t remember the time but in the afternoon.

    Please, I want to know what happened.

    1. I lost my phone and I but another phone I can’t Login into my PalmPay account because I have to Confirm a code which where Sent to my sim that I lost so how can I login into my PalmPay account now and I have some money inside my PalmPay account

        1. You people at palmpay are not rendering a good service to your customers that’s why scammers like using palmpay because its the money App meant for them. You guys incubate fraudsters .No scammed money has been traced by you people, what a shame.

  20. Someone send money to me since 12/03/2023
    ₦7000 I dont recieve the money till today.
    What is happening?

  21. I was sent 13k since March 15 and have not been credited. And we went to the sender bank they said the money is with you pls help me reverse my money

  22. Please I Transfer A Sum Of 4000 To An ACCESS Account, and it was processing since yesterday and the money has been deducted from my account but the beneficiary has not receive the money.
    PLEASE My NO Is 9015592841

  23. Someone transferred money to my palmpay for two days now and am have not seen it. And he has been debited. Please do something about it.

  24. I sent money too someone account
    The person have not seen it

    And anytime I send me too someone it always pending. And they have debit me ?

    My phone number 07082708577

  25. I made transfer to my bank account from my palm pay acct since 17 the of March 2023 but to my surprise I never received it in my Stanbic account and they have debited my palmpay account.

    if you don’t want trouble refund my money bank to my palmpay account, just coming from my Stanbic Bank now they said no money enter that is from your end .

    Work on it assap
    Account No 9028938238
    Name : okunola Taiwo Eunice

  26. I made transfer to my bank account from my palm pay acct since 17 the of March 2023 but to my surprise I never received it in my Stanbic account and they have debited my palmpay account.

    if you don’t want trouble refund my money back to my palmpay account, just coming from my Stanbic Bank now they said no money enter from palm pay to my Stanbic account, that the problem is from your end .

    Work on it assap
    why scam everywhere

    Phone no: 09028938238
    Name : okunola Taiwo Eunice

  27. I made transfer to my bank account from my palm pay acct since 17 the of March 2023 but to my surprise I never received it in my Stanbic account and they have debited my palmpay account.

    if you don’t want trouble refund my money bank to my palmpay account, just coming from my Stanbic Bank now they said no money enter that is from your end .

    Work on it assap
    Phone no: 09028938238
    Name : okunola Taiwo Eunice

  28. Money was sent to my palm wallet,a sum of 30000 thousand is getting to three days now I am begging ooo I have not see anything oo

  29. I transferred money from my Palmpay account to my account but since the time of sending till now, it’s still showing processing. I’m new using this app and the first experience is not a good one at all. please you guys should resolve the issue.
    My acc no: 8067750029

  30. I have been trying to pay d flex loan ever b4 it got due but it keeps failing. Now you have been calling me and i am picking and you telling me i am avoiding u. Please how els can i pay?My name is Michael Shontan (Ade Ade)

  31. PALMPAY deducted my money twice. This last one was #1880. and I don’t know why. I have gotten any from PALMPAY I only opened an account. Pls what is the matter?

  32. My palmpay agent account is showing me account suspended what do I do I have contact the customer care but they always say they are not available

      1. I did transaction of #10000 this morning to my palmpay account. You have debited my first bank account without crediting my palmpay account. Please help me to work on it. Thanks

  33. Pls I send 15k to my account for five days naw have seen debit. It has not been credited. Check for me please

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