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Lot of international students are concerned about how to get their academic transcript from their secondary school and university in Nigeria.

One key requirement for Nigerian students to secure university admission abroad in the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Norway, Germany, Australia for an undergraduate degree programme or postgraduate programme (PGD, MSc. Ph.D.) is the submission of their academic transcript.

So, if you are a student worried about how to get your school transcript from Nigeria fast and the application steps with the documents needed for the process, this is the only article to read today.

Getting started…

Academic Transcript in Nigeria

An academic transcript is an official copy of a student’s educational record awarded by their institution, which can be secondary or high school or university.

For Nigerians, your WAEC or NECO result cannot serve as your secondary school transcript.

School transcripts do not expire, and schools must maintain transcripts for all students who have enrolled in and attended their institution — regardless of whether that student graduated.

To study abroad, a student needs to issue a minimum of 2 copies of a transcript for one university.

Each of them should be attested by the concerned institution itself.

Presently, not all secondary schools and universities in Nigeria give transcripts to students.

Only a few schools give on request to their graduated students that want to study abroad.

Students who attended two different secondary schools in Nigeria would need to get their transcripts from the two separate schools.

The cost of getting a school transcript in Nigeria differs.

Some schools process for free while others charge their students about ₦10k – ₦75k.

After the application, it will take you about 1 to 3 weeks to get your school transcript from Nigeria.

A family member or a friend can get your official transcript on your behalf if you are not available.

Types of School Transcript

There are the two (2) types of the academic transcript issued to graduates in Nigeria.

1. Electronic (Soft Copy) Transcript

An electronic transcript is dispatched by electronic mail to the email address of your destination institution.

For example, a UI Alumni requesting for transcript certificate will have his transcript sent to the University of Alberta by email.

After submission of your transcript, your institution will notify you of your request report.

2. Hard Copy Transcript

Hard copy transcripts are paper copy academic documents.

They are sent by tertiary institutions to the destination request using carrier services like DHL, FEDEX and EMS.

Hard copy transcripts are expensive because they require carrier service charges.

You can request your transcript using these third-party services.

  • Seamfix (iTranscript)
  • ETX-NG

Ensure to find out if these services can get your transcript from your school without delay.

Steps to Getting Secondary School Transcript in Nigeria Fast

Here are the right steps to get your secondary school transcript in Nigeria instantly.

  • Visit your secondary school.
  • Request to see your school principal.
  • Inform the principal you need your transcript.
  • Pay the transcript processing fee.
  • Get the availability date of the transcript.
  • Go back to the school to collect your transcript.

Steps to Getting Transcript from Nigerian University

Follow these steps to get your school transcript fast from your University in Nigeria.

  • Visit your university Registrar’s office.
  • Go to your university Registrar’s office and Exams and Records Department.
  • Request for your academic transcript.
  • Specify whether you want an electronic or hard copy transcript.
  • Provide the physical address or email address you want to receive your transcript.
  • Pay for the transcript request service.
  • Wait to receive your transcript.

Online Transcript Application in Nigeria

Here are the steps to apply online for transcript in Nigeria:

  • Visit your school’s eTranscript portal.
  • Fill out your details correctly.
  • Create your transcript profile.
  • Select your transcript type (Undergraduate or postgraduate).
  • Input your matriculation number.
  • Make payment using your ATM card.
  • Fill out your personal details and address.
  • Provide shipping details for your transcript request.
  • Track the processing of your transcript.

I wish you success.

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