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The Voice Kids

Are you interested in knowing The Voice Kids Season 6 entry form registration portal, audition date, location and venue, requirements, application, judges, contestants, past winners, selection methods and the deadline to send in your application?

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One of the best talent shows for kids in the country is The Voice Kids.

Every year, large numbers of talented kids take part in the audition.

Before you can contest for this show, you would need to register and scale through the audition first.

That’s why this post was specially written for you.

This post will enable you to avoid making costly mistakes and become a qualified contestant and possibly win this season’s edition.

So, ensure to take your time and read this article to the end if you’re really serious about achieving your musical dream and career in this year.

Getting started…

About The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids is created for talented kids whose ages lie between 7 to 14 years.

If you think your kid’s voice is unique, then you can get your kid registered for the show.

The Voice Kids Winner Prizes

The champion of The Voice Kids will get £30,000 towards their musical education plus a special family holiday and will head off to Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

The Voice Kids Winners

  • Jess Folley – Series 1 (2017)
  • Daniel Davies – Series 2 (2018)
  • Sam Wilkinson – Series 3 (2019)
  • Justine Afante – Series 4 (2020)
  • Torrin Cuthill – Series 5 (2021)

The Voice Kids Host and Coaches [Judges]

The 6th season of The Voice Kids will be presented by Emma Willis and features, Danny Jones, Melanie C and Pixie Lott as judges.

Selection Process

  • Online Registration
  • Audition Call
  • Document Verification
  • Blind Audition


  • Stage 1: Blind Audition
  • Stage 2: Battle Round
  • Stage 3: Semi-final
  • Stage 4: Live Final

The Voice Kids Registration Requirements 

Here are the eligibility requirements to audition for The Voice Kids:

  • The minimum age to apply for this show is 7 years, and the maximum is 14 years.
  • This show is only for solo and duos singer.
  • All contestants must have a valid proof of Address and Proof of Date of Birth.
  • The contestant must be physically and mentally fit.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations of the show.

Steps to Apply for The Voice Kids Audition 

  • Visit the official site of ITV.
  • Click on the “Apply link”.
  • Read all the instructions carefully.
  • Provide your details and submit.
  • Upload your recent photograph.
  • Check out the venues and dates of the audition.

How to Win The Voice Kids Competition

  • Be confident but not overconfident
  • Be prepared to answer questions thrown at you
  • Be yourself at all times
  • Build a social media fanbase early
  • Have a powerful personality
  • Practice regularly in front of a camera and small audiences
  • Try as much as possible to win the heart of the coaches and audience from the first stage

When will The Voice Kids 2022 Start?

The Voice Kids Season 6 will begin on December, 2022.

This will feature two blind audition episodes and a final.

Do well to visit this website often, so you can get updated and never miss important information.

How to Join The Voice Kids

To join The Voice Kids, you simply have to fill and submit the application form online. If you are accepted, you will be contacted to come to the audition.

If your child is currently aged 14, they can apply, provided their 15th birthday falls on or after February 20, 2022.

If your aspiring musician is currently six years of age, they can also apply as long as their seventh birthday falls by January 18, 2022.

Participants can further send an E-mail to to register for the next series’ auditions.


Applying and becoming a contestant for the new season comes with a lot of benefits, especially if you’re unique and talented.

The show aims to find the current unsigned singing talent contested by aspiring the singers, drawn from the public auditions.

So, ensure that you make adequate preparation.

  • Have the application requirements
  • Know your music genre
  • Start training your voice
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Learn stage management/performance and how to overcome stage fright
  • Learn and memorize the songs you’ll likely be performing once qualified for the blind auditions
  • When memorizing songs, ensure the songs are popular or known by the Judges

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