3 Proven Ways To Earn Money As A SIWES Student In Nigeria

As a SIWES Student in Nigeria, you can easily earn money during your industrial training by:

1. SIWES Payment By Firm(s)

SIWES Student Payment

All fingers aren’t equal when it comes to firm’s financial capabilities and outputs in the country. Not all firms pay their interns, but as a SIWES student, you can end up lucky as you may smile home daily, weekly or monthly with reasonable pays during your training for your service and hard work.

I can testify of course mates of mine who earned up to #20,000 monthly at their workplaces during our six months training period. That’s a reasonable amount of money you know.

2. Called-Back Students

SIWES Student Certification/Award

If a student is hardworking, dedicated, and committed while working and learning, he/she  will usually end up getting compensated, awarded, and issued Certificates for future employment.

That’s to say, in the future he/she will easily be remembered and be:

  • Employ by the firm
  • Refer to other possible related firms for consideration and employments
  • Given scholarships/training

3. Being A Tutor

SIWES Student acting as a coach

As a SIWES student, during my own Industrial training period, I made a reasonable amount of money from teaching and helping other students in:

  • Filling In their Logbooks
  • Writing of Reports
  • Writing of Application Letters

If you got the knowledge and skill, you can easily earn a side income.

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