SIWES Forms and Lists for Nigerian Industrial Training Students

Here are the important SIWES forms and lists to be completed by Nigerian I.T students, firms, institutions, and officials.

Master List Form


This is a comprehensive list of students expected to take part in the programme in a year.

It indicates:

  • Name of students
  • Matriculation number 
  • Programme of study
  • Level of study
  • Dates showing duration of attachment and nationality

This list must be prepared serially according to the matriculation number.

All master lists are to be submitted prior to the submission of placement lists by participating institutions to the respective supervising agencies for vetting and approval.

Placement List Form

SIWES Placement List Form

This is the list that is being prepared according to departments by participating institutions and is to be submitted to the respective supervising agencies for vetting and approval.

It should contain the internship student:

  • Full Name
  • Matriculation Number
  • Programme (Course) of Study
  • Level of Study
  • Period and Date of Attachment
  • Nationality and/or State of Origin
  • Name and Address of Employer
  • Specific places students are expected to do their training

It may also have to contain the internship student bank account details.

Students Commencement Attachment (S.C.A.F) or SPE – 1 Form 


This form is being given to the internship students during pre-attachment orientation programmes.

Once the students secure a place for their training, this form has to be filled by the students, signed by the industry-based supervisor and immediately sent by the I.T students to the nearest I.T.F area office in the state where the training is being carried out.

I.T.F Form 8

SIWES Form (ITF Form 8)

This is the End-of-Programme Report Form.

It is usually has into three (3) sections:

  • I.T Student Section, to be filled by you at the end of your training.
  • Employer’s Section, to be filled, signed and stamped by your employer.
  • Institution/University-Based-Supervisor Section, to be filled, signed and stamped by your school or UBS before or after submission to the nearest I.T.F area office in the state you have undergone your training.

Once this form is completed, you’ll have to send it to the nearest I.T.F area office in the state where you undergone your training i.e. if you did your training in Owerri, you’ll send this form at the end of your training to the I.T.F area office in Owerri, Imo State.

While at the I.T.F area office, this form will be cross-checked before the officials will sign and stamp your SIWES logbook.

After that, you’ll be given back the form which you’ll submit together with your logbook when you return to your school.

The completion and submission of these important lists and forms is an evidence of the students’ participation in the programme.

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  1. Please the date I started my SIWES was on a Wednesday and that was the date I filled on my scaf form, should I start filling my logbook from Wednesday too or on Monday?

  2. I already submitted my scaf form. However I got a new place for IT and I’d like to change it. Can I still do that?

  3. But I don’t think, this format is still active. Why I said so, is because about submitting the of form (ITF) to the area office, now it is stated that is at the end of the training you are suppose to submit, and my mates are saying we should submit now before we start sef….. kind of confused.

  4. My name of department computer science.

    I want to know how to fill log book of ITF in Federal Polytechnic, Mubi.

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