How To Correctly Fill In Your Industrial Training/SIWES Logbook

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Do you want to learn the proper way in filling in your Industrial Training or SIWES Logbook?

You’re probably thinking about it, that’s why you’re reading this post. Don’t worry you’re at the right place.

As an I.T student of Accounting, Agriculture, Architecture, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Business Administration, Engineering, Hotel Management, Microbiology, Food Science and Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Office Technology and Management, Mass Communication, Science Laboratory etc., you’ll easily learn how to correctly fill in your own logbook today.

I’ll take my time to clearly teach and show you how to fill in your own logbook.

The information in this article is drawn from my personal experience as a biochemistry industrial training student in Nigeria.

This is a proven guideline I used in filling in my logbook, that boosted my performance and grade.

And I know it will also be helpful to you.

Just read on!

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What is a SIWES Logbook?

SIWES Logbook

The SIWES Logbook also known as Industrial Training or Internship Logbook is an official record booklet, that is being issued by various Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Technology, Colleges of Agriculture to their internship students to carefully and neatly record down their daily or weekly activities, projects, jobs etc. carried out in their workplaces.

This logbook usually contains basic information of the I.T student and the firm the student must have been attached for the training.

In addition, the SIWES logbook also varies and differs among higher institutions i.e. SIWES logbooks issued to IMSU students can differ from the ones issued to FUTO, UNN, ABSU, POLYNEKEDE, MADONNA, UNIPORT, NOUN, LASU, or even Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon, Tanzania, USA or Indian students, etc.

As a result, I’ll be using my own IMSU SIWES logbook as a guide in showing and teaching you how to fill in yours.

So don’t panic, if your own logbook is different.

Just read and learn.

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How to Fill Your SIWES Logbook

1. Student Details Page

SIWES Logbook (Student Particulars Page)

This page is usually the first you’ll see and have to fill in your logbook.

It is going to contain your basic information such as:

  • Your Passport
  • Full Name
  • Matriculation Number
  • Faculty e.g. Science
  • Course of Study e.g. Biochemistry
  • Year of Study i.e. 200, 300 or 400 level
  • Address
  • Sex
  • Next of Kin Details
  • Name of Industry-Based Supervisor

Once you start your industrial training in your workplace, you’ll have to work in a particular section(s), and under a particular person(s), who will act as your supervisor, co-ordinator, instructor or guardian throughout your training period.

For example, during my industrial training in a private hospital in Owerri, I worked in the laboratory section and under the laboratory scientist, who was my teacher, instructor and supervisor.

So, I had to write his name as my industry-based supervisor.

You may have over one industry-based supervisor. In that case, you may decide to write all their names.

  • Name of University-Based Supervisor

Some schools, departments usually send lecturers, workers, staffs to the various workplaces of their internship students – to monitor, supervise, grade and advise them on the right things to do.

So, you’ll have to write their names in this field – if anyone was assigned to you by your school.

During my training, my school assigned nobody to me. So I had to leave this field blank.

If you have a bad handwriting, try filling in this page in bold capital letters for clarity’s sake.

2. Organization Profile Page

SIWES Logbook Organization Profile Page

This is the page in your logbook that will contain the basic details and information of the firm you applied for your industrial training.

The name of the firm, location, address, telephone number, type of business, products and other relevant information’s should be carefully and correctly entered.

Meanwhile, if you should encounter any difficulty in filling in this page, try meeting your industry-based supervisor or employer to help and guide you.

Also ensure to fill in this page in bold capital letters – if you have a bad handwriting.

3. Activities Record Page

SIWES Logbook Activities Record Page

This is the page in your logbook, you’ll record down your daily or weekly activities, projects, jobs etc. at your workplace.

As you can see above, it’s partitioned into the days of the week i.e. (from Mondays — Saturdays).

Not all firms and I.T students work on Saturdays. If you’re among this category, then there is no need for you to fill in the Saturday field in your logbook.

Finally, you’ll also need to write the name of the project/job you carried out that week.

After that, your industry-based supervisor has to sign and stamp this page with the correct date entered.

4. Monthly Work Summary Description Page

SIWES Logbook Diagram Page

This is the page in your logbook you’ll have to summarize all that was carried out monthly by you at your workplace.

Therefore, it could include sketches, diagrams, survey maps, building plans, chemical formulas, enumeration tables, menu plans, charts, etc.

Finally, your industry-based supervisor will have to make a comment, sign and stamp this page with the correct date entered.

5. University-Based Supervisor Monthly Visit Page

This particular page in your logbook is expected to be completed on a monthly basis by your School-based-supervisor during visitation.

The comment should say whether:

  • You’re adequately exposed or underexposed
  • The experience is standard or substandard, relevant or irrelevant
  • You were present or absent

However, you’ll have to leave this page blank, if your school assigned no supervisor to you.

6. SIWES Monthly Evaluation Page

This is your personal assessment page. It’s being entered by your industry-based supervisor.

It shows supervisor comments on internship student, and also performance appraisal comments for quality of work carried out.

Hence, in this page, your performance is being rated and graded on certain criteria’s such as:

  • Comprehension
  • Concentration
  • Observation
  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to perform work
  • Work quality
  • Time require carrying out work
  • Solving assigned jobs
  • Behaviour as a professional associate
  • Leadership 

7. Student Suggestions Page

SIWES Logbook Suggestion Page

As you complete your industrial training, you’re expected to make suggestions about how and what can be done to improve industrial management and supervision.

Ideas about innovations, adaptations, research and futuristic outlooks are also welcome in any other areas.

When you’re done filling in this page, your industry-based supervisor/employer should review, comment and sign with the correct date entered.

8. Student Attendance Register Page

This page in your logbook is to be completely filled in by your industry-based supervisor/employer.

Your attendance is being recorded in an X/Y format.

  • X represents the number of days you were present at work
  • Y represents the number of days in the week

If you work from Mondays – Fridays, Y will be equal to 5.

If you work from Mondays – Saturdays, Y will be equal to 6.

9. I.T.F Remarks/Signature Page

At the end of your industrial training, when you take your SIWES logbook and I.T.F Form 8 to the nearest I.T.F Area Office in the state your training was carried out, this page will be sign and stamped by any of the officials after your I.T.F Form 8 must have been thoroughly reviewed.

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Your Turn…

Are you having any problem in filling in your logbook?

Do you need quality SIWES logbook samples?

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