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Getting started…

GIG Logistics

Started in 2012, GIGL is Africa’s leading indigenous logistics company powered by technology with a solid reputation for E-commerce and social commerce-tailored logistics.

The simple goal is to remove the conventional hassles associated with last-mile deliveries and make logistics easy for individuals and corporates anywhere, anytime.

Since the first shipment in 2012, GIGL has expanded in leaps and bounds, connecting African vendors to global buyers and sellers by introducing its simplified “overseas shipping services” across several continents.

Agility and commitment to service excellence and the data-centric approach help provide customers with lasting solutions to critical logistic challenges.

With deep knowledge of the local terrain, GIGL has the scale and experience to deliver superior results consistently.

Hundreds of thousands of verified users and ecosystem partners, including leading businesses, trust GIGL to safely deliver shipments within and outside the African continent.

With a rapid appetite for growth, GIGL Logistics has footprints all over Nigeria and operates within Ghana and three other continents.

Service Portfolio

  • Domestic Logistics
  • Corporate Logistics
  • Overseas Shipping
  • E-commerce Logistics
  • Wallet and Added Services

Overseas shipping is a GIGL solution that allows you to ship items from any of your favorite stores anywhere in the world to your doorstep in Nigeria.

You can also export items from Nigeria to over 230 locations worldwide, including the UK, the USA, Ghana, China, Germany, and Canada.

To ship from the USA/UK into Nigeria, download the GIGGo App to get started.

Then click “Overseas Shipping” on the GIGGo App, select the country and follow the prompts.

The GIGL overseas shipment process is seamless and efficient.

Anyone with a fully updated user profile on the GIGGo App can ship overseas.

For E-commerce merchants, you will need to use your regular account to ship.

After your item is received physically at either the UK or USA office, you will get a payment link through which you can make payments.

The link offers you the option of making secured payments through your funded wallet on the GIGGo App, a third-party payment platform (Paystack/Flutterwave), or your bank card.

GIGL will never ask you to pay into any personal account.

Payments can be made via the GIGGo wallet and GIG Logistics bank accounts and POS provided at the experience centres nationwide.

Note that your parcel will be delivered to your final destination anywhere in Nigeria, so long as your preferred address is listed under the GIGL home delivery locations.

GIG logistics ship all kinds of items, excluding items prohibited by law enforcement agencies to and from all countries in the world.

The expected time of arrival for international shipments is 7 – 14 days from USA and 3 – 4 days from the UK.


The GIGGo App by GIG logistics is an efficient on-demand app built to solve your logistics needs and be your delivery companion.

It handles all your requests, ranging from automated deliveries to pickup requests, overseas shipping, payment for transactions and lots more.

GIGGo is a strictly wallet-based system.

No cash is used when transacting through the App.

Use it on the go, at your convenience, from anywhere in the world on your own terms.

Pick up is real time but also based on availability of a rider.

Pickup requests will only be assigned to a rider between 6am-6pm.

Any request after 6pm will be put on the priority queue and assigned the next day.

If the rider cancels your request, pick up will be assigned to another available rider.

Shipping fee will also be refunded if the customer cancels the request.

Depending on the size of the shipment, all these are available to be used for delivery:

  • Motor Bike
  • Car
  • Mini Van
  • Truck

When a shipment gets damaged or missing, GIG Logistics will make a full refund to the customer based on the value declared of item(s) missing or damaged.

Overseas Shipping from USA to Nigeria

By using the overseas shipping feature on the GIGGo App, you can now shop from your favourite stores in the USA and have your item(s) delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria without restrictions.

The estimated time for delivery is usually between seven to fourteen (7 – 14) business days from departure from the delivery hub.

The rates from the USA to all cities in Nigeria are:

  • $4.49 per lbs.
  • $100 per new cell phone, tablet and new laptop, respectively.
  • $100 for used or refurbished phones/laptops that are less than 12.5lbs.
  • $100 flat rate for perfumes and $7.99 per lbs for weights greater than 12.5lbs.
  • $7.99 per lbs apply to all materials considered HAZMAT and $100 if less than 12.5lbs.

Note that VOLUME WEIGHT applies to CHARGES, where it is higher than ACTUAL WEIGHT.

Insurance fee is 5% of the total value of the item in your package.

Receipt of purchase for all items showing payment confirmation is also requested.

Operational hours are 9am – 6pm, weekdays and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays (

Overseas Shipping from UK to Nigeria

By using the overseas shipping feature on the GIGGo App, you can now shop from your favourite stores in the UK and have your item(s) delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria without restrictions.

The estimated time for delivery is usually between three to four (3 – 4) business days from departure from the delivery hub.

The rates from the UK to all cities in Nigeria are:

  • 4.5 GBP per kg for regular items.
  • 27GBP a flat rate for same items if less than 6kg.
  • 50 GBP laptops, palmtops, tablets, iPad 7-18inches.
  • 30GBP each children’s tablets and smartphones
  • 25GBP flat rate for used gadgets such as the above less than the minimum of 6kg.
  • 5GBP per kg used gadgets 6kg and above.
  • 30GBP for perfumes less than 6kg.
  • While 6kg above will be charged at 6GBP per kg.

Volume weight applies to charges in a case where it is the highest: a typical example is a television and huge baby items.

International volumetric weights are calculated using the formula below:

  • Length x Width x Height in centimeters) divided by 6000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms

Please note that the actual shipping price is subject to the volume weight of the item(s) as well as an optional insurance fee of 7.5% on the total value of the item(s).

In case you want to ship multiple items, take advantage of the consolidated shipping service while saving time and money.

If you have further enquiries, contact on

Follow the format below when you purchase an item online:


GIG Logistics UK,

C/o VIVA Express Logistics,

9 David Rd, Colnbrook, Slough, SL3 0DB

Customer Care Number

To report a complaint to GIG logistics, call the contact center on 0813 985 1120 or email

The care line is available from 7am – 9pm daily.

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