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GOtv Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria 2024

Here are the GOtv subscription packages and current prices in Nigeria:

1. GOtv Supa (₦5500 Monthly)

A Supa-sized GOtv experience. Crystal clear picture with more local channels, more for the kids, more lifestyle channels, more novellas and more supa reasons to LOVE IT.

What you get:

  • 0 Music Channels
  • 7 Sports Channels
  • 6 Movie Channels
  • 73 Other Genre Channels

2. GOtv Max (₦4150 Monthly)

Get maximum entertainment with the GOtv Max package.

Packed with local and international series, movies, telenovelas and kids shows.

Guaranteeing a little something for everyone to enjoy.

What you get:

  • 0 Music Channels
  • 6 Sports Channels
  • 4 Movie Channels
  • 67 Other Genre Channels

3. GOtv Jolli (₦2800 Monthly)

GOtv Jolli guarantees affordable entertainment with flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle.

What you get:

  • 0 Music Channels
  • 3 Sports Channels
  • 2 Movie Channels
  • 62 Other Genre Channels

4. GOtv Jinja (₦1900 Monthly)

Get GOtv Jinja with sports and great TV 24/7 on crystal clear channels.

What you get:

  • 0 Music Channels
  • 2 Sports Channels
  • 0 Movie Channels
  • 46 Other Genre Channels

5. GOtv Smallie (₦900 Monthly)

Lite on price, big on quality. GOtv Smallie is the easiest way to watch your local favorites with crystal clear channels.

What you get:

  • 0 Music Channels
  • 1 Sports Channels
  • 0 Movie Channels
  • 36 Other Genre Channels

How to Get GOtv

1. Choose a Package

GOtv offers a wide range of packages to suit your needs.

Your first step on your entertainment journey is deciding which GOtv package will bring the content that you love, right to your home.

2. Pick your Decoder

Your GOtv decoder and antenna allow you to switch on the fun and connect to a whole new world of entertainment.

You get to choose which decoder is the best fit for your home and lifestyle.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our exciting bundle deals that offer you a decoder and GOtv package at great prices!

3. Arrange Installation

Once you have explored the options and know what you want, you can use the easy online tool to find the nearest GOtv accredited dealer or installer that can help you get connected.

Friendly installers and dealers can help you with every step you need to take to get you watching – from your purchase to your installation, setup and connection.

4. Enjoy your GOtv!

After the installer has helped you get setup, you’ll be ready to watch and enjoy the grand entertainment that GOtv offers!

Don’t forget to download the MyGOtv app or use the online Self Service channel to manage your GOtv – with MyGOtv you will view your balance, make a payment, change your package, fix errors and more.

GOtv Subscription Payment

You can pay for your own subscription or help others pay for their GOtv subscription.

You just need to enter the details of the person you want to pay for, verify the account and that you are paying for the correct account.

There are multiple payment options you can use to pay or reconnect your account, such as MyGOtv App, internet banking, USSD, debit order, or you can visit the walk-in centres or your nearest store to top-up.

What is the IUC number?

IUC number, also known as the customer number or serial number, is a 10-digit identifier which is unique to your GOtv account and decoder.

No two GOtv decoders can have the same IUC numbers.


  • Activate your new GOtv decoder. Without activating your account, you won’t be granted access to channels on the network, even if you have an active subscription.
  • Pay For GOtv Subscription. Irrespective of the package you’re on, your IUC number will be required for payment.
  • Find balance and subscription due date.
  • Manage your GOtv account. The IUC number serves as the password to your GOtv online account portal.
  • Clear error codes.

How to get your GOtv IUC number

Here are the ways to check and get an IUC number on GOtv:

Method 1

  • Tap the MENU button on your GOtv remote.
  • Navigate to ‘Information Central’ and tap the OK button on your remote.
  • Your IUC number should be displayed on the screen, at the top-left corner.

Method 2

  • Lift your GOtv decoder and turn it upside-down.
  • You’d find a red sticker containing some set of numbers at the bottom of your decoder.
  • The IUC number is the 10-digit number printed on the red sticker.

Method 3

  • Contact GOtv Customer Service in your region via call, text, email, or send a direct message to their official social media accounts.
  • Supply the required information you’ll be asked about your account and your IUC number will be provided.

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