11 World Difficult Video Games Now (Win With Cheat Only)

Video games have never been easy to play.

Even when they are entertaining, each game has a unique set of difficulties that players face.

These challenges can range from various factors.

Some games can be more accessible, while others can be difficult, leaving memories for players to overcome.

Most people like playing hard video games to ease their burdens.

However, sometimes you need a challenging assignment to take your mind off daily issues like work, family, and other obligations.

These days, you must select “hard” mode, which often has more enemies and less ammunition, if you want a genuine challenge.

However, the difficulty is most effective when used in a game’s design.

This requires players to adopt new strategies and earn their advancement through diligence.

Here are some hardest video games in the world if you genuinely need a challenge.

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11 Hardest Video Games in the World

These are the hardest video games in the world to play.

1. Ghosts ‘n Goblins (Capcom, 1985)

Ghosts ‘n Goblins is a run-and-gun hard video game invented and released by Capcom in 1985.

Players will rescue the Princess in this game by conquering zombies, demons, and other undead creatures.

The player can pick up more armor suits, perks, and new weapons to aid in this mission.

By arcade standards, the game is often known to be very challenging, and it was one of the most complicated NES games ever made.

Capcom used the constant threat of death to create a gripping adventure in its side-scrolling platformer.

This game is available on PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the Capcom Classics Collection.

2. Ninja Gaiden II (Tecmo Koei, 2008)

The Ninja Gaiden games have always been challenging, but the sequel released in 2008, Ninja Gaiden II, reached a new peak.

Even with “normal” difficulty, these opponents roughhouse the player.

But when the problem is set to Master Ninja, they often assault with vicious grabs and weapons that choke the player.

Sometimes it’s impossible to survive, let alone kill anything.

The internet implies that someone completed the entire task in four hours without getting struck once.

3. God Hand (Capcom, 2006)

God Hand is known as a beat ’em up video game; it was invented by Clover Studio and released by Capcom on PlayStation 2.

Shinji Mikami, who directed the game, makes it a lot of severe players while still including a lot of comic relief.

Many of the best concepts from God Hand have yet to be described because of its commercial failure, like the on-screen difficulty meter that adjusts based on a player’s ability.

There are various gradations from level one to level DIE, which is the highest level, and if you’re getting hit around, the level stays low.

But as you master these hard video games, the adversaries attack more often, deal more damage, and offer more excellent prizes for being defeated.

4. Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls (Fromsoft, 2009/2011)

The action role-playing game Demon’s Souls was created by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 3 in 2009 under the direction of Japan Studio.

The game is referred to as the King’s Field series by FromSoftware’s spiritual successor.

One of the new foundations for the RPG genre action that Hidetaka Miyazaki of Fromsoft sought to establish was a significant obstacle.

He wondered how a player would feel successful without having overcome genuine odds.

Even the most basic adversaries repeatedly kill players in these games, leaving the screen phrase “YOU DIED” permanently inscribed in the player’s memory.

The only relief is that death is a necessary component of how the universe functions.

Dying means failure in another game, but this game shows how you learn and improve.

5. UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994)

UFO Defense is a science fiction strategy video game created by Mythos Games in 1994, released by MicroProse for PlayStation, Amiga CD32 gaming system, DOS, and Amiga computers.

This was the first game in the XCOM series, a complex strategy title with harsh rules for sloppy play.

The game’s designer, Julian Gollop, previously created various great turn-based games in 2D.

But XCOM’s isometric aspect feat started a scary strategic layer because of many lost fighters in a secret location that you never looked for.

6. Fade to Black (Delphine Software, 1995)

Action-adventure game Fade to Black was created by Delphine Software International and released by Electronic Arts Studios.

The successor to Flashback was an early attempt to convert a successful 2D idea to 3D, and it undervalued the significance of precise controls.

It was innovated to third-person design but disabled by enemies in one blow.

For example, a small, difficult-to-target blob turns around the player before melting their flesh on contact.

You may wonder if the developer was extravagant when producing elaborate cut-scenes for every potential death.

7. Dwarf Fortress (Bay 12 Games, 2006)

The community games motor “Losing is fun!” says it all.

Failure is unpredictable; your dwarf goes not only insane under complicated situations, but also expresses what occurred.

There are many hard video games, but the ability to leave psychological scars on fictitious characters shows Dwarf Fortress is unique.

8. Mushihimesama (Cave, 2004)

The arcade 2D shoot-’em-up, also called the shmup, is the game genre most related to difficulty.

And builder Cave encourages followers of the genre like no other.

The most challenging cave game is very debatable.

However, the iconic Ultra mode of the insect themed Mushihimesama might win out in terms of pure difficulty.

There is less mechanical complexity that makes other studio releases possibly as hard.

Despite this, Mushi Ultra delivers an onslaught that is as mind-boggling to witness as it is humiliating to play via the sheer volume of bullets that flood the screen.

9. In The Groove (Roxor 2004)

It is the first game in the (In the Groove) series, a rhythm game created and released by Roxor Games.

Any arcade music game can be challenging.

The task will be excellent whether you’re standing over the decks of an oddball like EZ2DJ or tapping your feet on a Dance Revolution machine.

When some of the tracks are played on the games X setting, the player’s body seems to move in ways that human development has never intended

10. Super Meat Boy (Team Meat, 2010)

Super Meat Boy is a gaming platform created by “Team Meat,” which comprises Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes.

Meat Boy is a red, cube-shaped figure in the game being controlled by the player as he tries to save Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus, the game’s competitor.

The game requires split-second timing and precise control as the player sprints and jumps through over 300 dangerous levels while dodging dangers.

The game also allows the development of levels by players.

11. GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is a 2002 released action-adventure game in the GTA series that is entirely in line with Miami’s 1980s atmosphere, magnificent cast, epic soundtrack, and the nostalgia of the good old times.

GTA Vice City has an assortment of 87 missions, some of which are tough to complete.

Some of these missions take days to complete, even for those who consider themselves veterans of the game.

These are the four hardest GTA Vice City missions that had players stuck on it for days:

(a) Demolition Man

This is, unanimously, the most challenging mission of GTA Vice City.

To complete this story mission, players must first get to the Top Fun van near the building site to be demolished.

The seven-minute detonation timer is started, and players must plant four bombs in the remaining time while riding in a helicopter.

Controlling the RC Goblin helicopter inside the building and the timed aspect makes it the most challenging mission to complete in Vice City.

(b) Death Row

Timed missions are undoubtedly one of the most challenging missions to complete, and Death Row is such.

This is a story mission in GTA Vice City that requires players to rescue Lance, who is held hostage and tortured in the Junkyard.

He must then take Lance to the hospital, with Diaz’s men at their heels, all while racing against the clock.

There are no monetary rewards on this mission.

However, Ricardo’s goons surrounding the Junkyard drop large amounts of cash when killed, which can be collected if players have enough time.

(c) Keep Your Friends Close…

Keep Your Friends Close… is the final major mission in GTA Vice City.

Here, Tommy Vercetti performs independently from his mansion on Starfish Island.

To complete this mission, players must defend the locker from the Mafia, who are trying to steal money.

He must then eliminate Lance Vance, the backstabber, and Sonny and finish this once and for all.

(d) The Driver

The Driver is a Malibu Club asset mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and another tough mission in the iteration.

It involves Tommy, in his Sentinel, and Hilary, in his Sabre Turbo, racing against each other in a timed race.

There is a significant speed disadvantage for players in this mission as the race becomes even more difficult because of Sentinel’s lack of easy maneuverability.

Tommy also has the police chasing him for illegal racing.

Final Words

Playing hard games is so frustrating.

But overcoming the challenges can be psychologically stimulating and gives a bigger sense of accomplishment when you succeed.

Even though most of the difficulty curve has been optimized in the definitive editions, there are

still some missions that players may find difficult to complete.

It is challenging to keep from rage-quitting after several repeated attempts required to complete these missions.

However, that is probably what makes it an even better treat to master them.

Hope you find this article helpful.

Kindly check back for more exciting and educational articles.

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