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Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria ▷ Earn $125 Online Daily

Can I make money on Facebook in Nigeria?

How do I make money on Facebook?

If these are your search queries, then you are definitely on the right spot.

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform in the world, with over 2 billion users worldwide.

There are lots of different ways you can make use of these big audiences that are there waiting for you.

Facebook goes beyond just chatting with friends and the following pages.

The platform has been improved to be more than just a means of social interaction.

Businesses and entrepreneurs have found Facebook to be one of the best places to reach different customers.

People can now advertise and sell their products on Facebook.

Even Facebook itself can be described as an advertising company.

This is because 90% of the income generated by the company is gotten from paid ads.

Making money on Facebook, like any other social media platform, is primarily determined by the size of your audience.

If you don’t have a reasonable audience, there’s literally no or little way you can make money through Facebook.

Have you been using Facebook all this time and searching for information on how you can monetize your Facebook account or page?

We have what you’ve been searching for right here in this post.

10 Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

Here are the best ways to earn money online on Facebook in Nigeria:

1. Sell Your Product on Facebook

This is actually the best way to make money on Facebook.

Facebook has everything to grow your business and bring you lots of sales compared to any other medium.

You can advertise your business on your account, group, or page.

When advertising on Facebook, ensure to use captivating pictures and convincing posts that can get your audience to want to buy from you.

Video adverts sell a lot too, because some people want to see what they want to buy in video before making any order.

A detailed and informative product description is key too.

The best products to sell are fashion wear, digital products and IT gadgets.

You can even create an online store with Shopify or WooCommerce and use your Facebook handle to drive customers to your store.

This even makes your business more trustworthy and professional.

2. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business of recommending products to people.

These products are not yours.

So, you definitely have nothing to lose or worry about.

You can run affiliate marketing on Facebook in different ways as the platform has all the tools you need.

First, you need a good page or account with a good followership.

And then, you need to create convincing posts to get your friends and followers to take action.

There are lots of affiliate platforms out there.

Once you are registered, you will be given your own affiliate link, which, after much advertising, you share with people so that when they make a purchase through your link; you are immediately credited with your affiliate commission.

Some of the online affiliate marketing programs you can market on Facebook include: ClickBank, Udemy, Coursera, Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Expertnaire, Selar, Fiverr, Learnoflix, Bluehost, and others.

In addition, you can also run some other affiliate programs that require no need to use affiliate links.

Different agencies like real estate, travel, and tourism, amongst others, also offer affiliate programs.

They want you to bring in customers for them, after which you will receive a certain percentage of the sales you brought.

You can actually use paid-targeted Facebook ads to drive in leads that will convert to sales.

Most affiliate marketers use this a lot because of the leads you are certain to generate.

3. Monetize Page with Creators Studio Monetization

If you have grown your Facebook page to a certain standard and have a reasonable number of followers, you can as well consider monetizing your content on Facebook.

Facebook studio monetization is a Facebook feature that was reintroduced to Nigeria in between 2018 and 2019.

It allows Facebook content creators to monetize their content on Facebook.

When you’ve been approved by Facebook, Facebook will start displaying in-stream ads on your content.

Thus, you earn by the number of views generated on your content and the ads.

To get started, download the Facebook Creator Studio app on the Playstore to get registered.

Unfortunately, not every page can be monetized with Creator’s studio monetization.

This is because there are too many requirements that must be met before Facebook approves you.

First, your page has to be free of plagiarism of any form, as Facebook’s monetization policy is very strict.

Also, you need to have up to thousands of engaged followers and then your page must be a very active one.

Facebook video content is best for monetization. Just like YouTube pays YouTubers with AdSense.

Though not necessarily videos, but videos will earn you more.

Facebook will find it easier to place in-ads on your video.

4. Become a Facebook Influencer

You can earn money by being very popular on Facebook, even if you are not a celebrity.

A Facebook influencer is a person who has a reasonable and engaging audience on their page.

This is possible if you actually do post frequently on your page, spend time with your audience, and grow your followership organically.

There are lots of brands out there looking for influencers to help them advertise their brands or products on their pages.

Social media influencers can earn lots of money depending on the brand they promote.

They can even hire you as a brand ambassador and pay you based on the contract you signed with them and until the end of the contract year.

Apart from brand advertisements, you can as well take up posting sponsored posts or ads too.

People will definitely reach you for this, as long as you have the audience they want.

They pay you to help them promote their business to your audience.

However, you need to be mindful of the business and product you are advertising, or else you end up losing lots of fans.

5. Begin a Facebook Blog

In Nigeria today, social media blogging is taking over traditional blogging.

You can also create a Facebook page and earn from it.

Facebook blogging is one of the most lucrative.

This is because of people being more used to Facebook than the others like Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

All you need to start a Facebook blog is an active page where you will post the latest trends, information, gossip, and news about different things.

To keep your blog relevant, you need to be very active, at least posting a post every day.

This is even the best proven way to grow a page organically.

Aside from earning from your blog through sponsored advertisements, if you own a blog website, it’s very much to your advantage as you can direct traffic through your page to your website.

Thus, bringing you more page views and ad revenue on your website.

6. Sell on Facebook’s Marketplace

Marketplace is a free Facebook feature that helps you list your business for prospective customers to buy.

It’s just like an online market; here you can sell almost anything.

You can start using the Facebook marketplace as long as you have a product you want to list there.

Simply tap the menu icon on Facebook and click on the marketplace, then you set and list your products.

If you want to make more from the Facebook marketplace, it’s best you run paid ads so that your product ranks higher when people search for products under your category.

The ads also help you target specific audiences who may truly need your products. Facebook will show your ads to them frequently.

7. Buy and Sell Facebook Accounts, Pages, and Groups

This is one of the coolest means I know of through which you can earn passively on Facebook.

Though this is still unknown to many people, it is very lucrative and real.

Talking about its lucrativeness, I know a friend whose only income stream is that he creates Facebook accounts, pages, and groups, grows them and puts them up for sale.

A Facebook page with over 5000 followers should cost around $15,000, if not more.

It all depends on what your page is all about.

Some people buy Facebook accounts, pages, or groups because they find it very difficult to grow their audiences from zero, but you, as an expert, can take it as your own hustle.

The reason this business is so profitable is that you spend little on growing these handles.

You can even buy from other dealers at cheaper rates and resell them.

You can run ads to grow your page, or group following, or grow it organically.

8. Manage Facebook Accounts, Groups and Pages

Many brands are always in need of people to help them manage their social media pages.

You can apply for them. Also, you can help celebrities and influencers who might be too busy to run their page themselves but want to keep it active to run their page.

Facebook group owners can also employ you to work with them as an admin or moderator to ensure the effective running of the group.

As long as you are ready to work, you can manage as many pages and groups as possible and earn lots of money.

There are lots of remote job sites where you can apply online.

An excellent example is LinkedIn.

9. Help Businesses Run Facebook Ads

Although it’s easy for anyone to run Facebook ads, lots of people still don’t know how.

You can grab this as a professional digital marketer and help them run Facebook ads for their businesses.

Facebook ad creation is a technical process that requires basic expertise because it is targeted.

You can learn from different YouTube videos or take online courses on how to run a good paid Facebook ad.

To get clients, you can become a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, as lots of buyers are always in search of people to help them run brilliant Facebook ads for their brands or products.

10. Grow Facebook Pages for Money

This is also another way to earn money from Facebook.

All you do is get clients’ Facebook pages and help them grow them to their desired level.

You can make this your side hustle on Facebook and tell people you can help them grow their page to any level they want.

The amount you charge all depends on the number of followers they want.

You can charge as much as ₦5,000 for 1k followers, ₦2,000 for 4k followers, and so on.

If you wish to know how to grow a page faster within a week or more, I suggest you watch some tutorial videos on YouTube or take courses on it.

You can as well make use of platforms like Hawkit to grow followers for your clients or do giveaways and referral contests so that people can refer people to like the page.


Social media, as predicted by tech gurus, is taking over human interaction.

So, taking your business to a platform like Facebook is definitely going to bring you massive sales if you follow the right strategies.

And for those who believe that Facebook is only for making friends, reading posts, and watching videos.

I wish to reiterate that Facebook is much more than that.

That’s why I consider this post an eye opener to many people.

There is a lot more to Facebook than many of us know.

The app is really a gift which can enrich you if you choose to make use of it.

Two years back someone like me didn’t even know Facebook page can be monetized and display ads like YouTube, so I want many people who have been hearing sentences like: “you can make money on Facebook” but finding their “how” unanswered.

This post is your answer.

Take up any of the 10 monetization means and well use Facebook today.

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