I.T Placement for Mass Communication Students in Nigeria

Where can a mass communication student do industrial training in Nigeria?

Mass Communication

Mass communication is a process in which a person, group of people, or an organization sends a message through a channel of communication to a large group of anonymous and heterogeneous people and organizations.

You can think of a large group of anonymous and heterogeneous people as either the public or a segment of the public.

Channels of communication include broadcast television, radio, social media, and print.

The sender of the message is usually a professional communicator that often represents an organization.

Mass communication is an expensive process.

Unlike interpersonal communication, feedback for mass communication is usually slow and indirect.

Mass Communication is not limited to journalism alone, as many would erroneously think.

To a great extent, mass media is a modern reality which covers all aspects of human life.

A significant change can be observed in the concept of people working in mass media.

Careers in mass communication can be high paying but also bring in a great deal of job satisfaction and expression of creativity.

Skills and Competencies Required in Mass Communication

As a mass communicator, here are a few of the skills you will need to gain as a foundation to rising as far as you can in any chosen job or career related to the use of mass media both old and new.

  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical research
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Verbal/written communication ability
  • Persuasive/Negotiation skills
  • Idea evaluation
  • Accuracy and attention to details
  • Research skills
  • Mediation and negotiation skills
  • Making a reasoned argument
  • Professional report writing and presentation
  • Partnership working and collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Pragmatism and sensitivity

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Firms Where Mass Communication Students Can Do Industrial Training in Nigeria

  • Media Consultancy Firms (for business organizations)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Promotion/Content Marketing Firms
  • Media/Journalism/Newspaper Houses e.g. NTA, The Sun Newspaper
  • Booking Publishing Firms
  • Financial Institutions, e.g. Banks
  • Transport Companies

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