MTN Phone Number ▷ New Ways and Codes to Check Yours

If you recently got an MTN SIM card and you don’t know what your mobile number is, perhaps you’ve lost your SIM pack and you’re just wondering how you can easily check your phone number.

Do not worry, this article got you covered!

This article will take you through how you can easily get vital information about your new MTN SIM card or even an existing one.

Some of the basic account information discussed in this article include but is not limited to how to check your MTN phone number, PUK number, tariff plan in Afghanistan, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Cyprus, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Republic, Iran, Liberia, Nigeria, Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville), Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and Zambia.

Patiently go through to know the simplest ways you can go about all the above.

MTN Phone Number Checker

Here are the best ways to check your MTN phone number.

1. USSD Code

Method 1: Dial *663# via the MTN SIM card you want to check the number.

The phone number will immediately be sent.

Note that you’ll not be charged for this action, as it is absolutely free!

Method 2: Dial *123*1*1# on your phone and your MTN mobile number will immediately be sent to you.

2. MyMTN App

MyMTN App is the official app launched by MTN for all its available customers.

The app is very resourceful in getting certain vital information about your account, such as ‘phone number’.

To check your MTN phone number via the MyMTN app, follow these steps:

  • Download the ‘MyMTN app’ on the Google play store or the app store.
  • Launch the app on your device.
  • Click on the ‘Check Your Number’ icon and your MTN number and other relevant details will be displayed.

3. Calling a Friend

Calling a friend is also a proven of way to check your MTN phone number.

Just get a friend’s phone number (especially one that is close by).

Call him/her with the MTN line you wish to know about its digits.

When it rings, get your friend’s phone and see the number, that’s it!

Codes to Check MTN Phone Number Worldwide

Whether you’re in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Benin Republic, Afghanistan, Uganda, Ivory Coast, or any country where the MTN network is available, below is how to check your MTN number.

Country Code
Nigeria *663#
South Africa *123*888#
Ghana *156#
Uganda *120#
Afghanistan *123*888#
Benin Republic *168*8#
Ivory Coast *123*1*1#
Iran *80#

MTN PUK Number Checker

A Personal Unblocking Key, also known as a PUK code, is a unique code linked to your mobile phone’s SIM card.

It is usually required if you have set a SIM card lock and, in trying to unlock it, you entered the wrong code up to three times.

Thus, the importance of knowing your PUK number cannot be overemphasized.

Obviously, your SIM card pack contains your PUK number, but what if you’ve lost the SIM card pack, or it has been misplaced?

How would you then retrieve your PUK code?

To check your MTN PUK number, especially if the SIM card has already been locked, call the MTN customer service via 180.

You’ll be asked for certain information regarding the SIM card, if you want to check your PUK number.

They include:

  • The MTN phone number
  • Full name that the number was registered with
  • National ID card number (or your NIN)
  • The account balance

MTN Tariff Plan Checker

Your tariff plan determines how and what you’ll be charged for the calls that you’ll make.

Here are the steps to check your MTN tariff plan.

  • Dial *123# on the desired MTN line.
  • Select 1 (Account info) from numbered options on the menu box that appears.
  • Select 2 (My tariff plan). Your tariff will be sent to you immediately.

You can simply dial *123*1*2# on the desired MTN line and your tariff plan will be made known to you.

You can as well check your current MTN tariff plan via the ‘MyMTN’ app. It isn’t hard at all.

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MTN Nigeria is, to so many Nigerians, the leading telecoms service operator currently in the country.

It is the largest telecommunications company in Nigeria by subscriber number, according to data from the NCC.

MTN Nigeria began its operations on August 21, 2001; just a few days after its strongest competitor in the industry, Airtel Nigeria, launched its telecommunication services.

MTN has steadily deployed its services across Nigeria, providing telecommunication services in over 223 cities and towns.

Thus, if you’re a new MTN customer or an existing one, it is my firm belief that this article has proven to be resourceful in your quest to get some basic information about your MTN SIM card.

Ranging from how you can check your MTN phone number, tariff plan and PUK number.

However, if you still have some questions regarding what we discussed above, or you’re experiencing any difficulty, you can as well let us know via the comment section.

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