NAFDAC Registration Form Portal (New Cost and Guidelines)

If you are into any manufacturing or importation of food, drugs, cosmetics, or related products, it is pertinent to have your product registered under the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

Once you’ve fully registered, you are given a number known as the NAFDAC registration number, which may serve as proof that you are fully registered to manufacture consumable substances.

Also, this may prove to many of your consumers that your product is actually safe for consumption.

One reason some manufacturers defy the law against registering their products with NAFDAC is because there is an assumption that goes around that it is very strenuous to have their products registered.

Honestly, it’s not. The problem is that people lack proper and legit information on the registration procedures.

The exact reason we put up this post is to help many manufacturers, distributors, and importers who have been thrown into darkness to see how everything works.

The National Agency For Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is a government agency charged with the responsibility of regulating and registering food, drugs, and cosmetics in Nigeria.

The NAFDAC area of regulations goes beyond just the drugs or food we eat; they also regulate others like medical tools, alcohol, chemicals, and other related things.

Before you can register your product with NAFDAC, get your brand name registered by the Cooperate Affairs Commission.

Also, you need to trademark your brand name too.

You can get this done at the trademark registry office.

This might actually not apply for all products, but if you are setting up a big or medium manufacturing company, it’s very essential or else someone else may use your brand name to sell his/her products without your consent.

So, trademarking your business name or product simply means it is yours alone and the name cannot be used by other people, no matter what.

Any company engaged in the production, sale, or importation of any consumable or health-related material is mandated by the law of Nigeria to have it registered under the agency.

A failure to do that when caught, such a person is bound to face the consequences of the law.

Registering your product with NAFDAC is not as hard as many see it. It only takes a bit of time before you are issued a registration number.

Having your products registered with NAFDAC will bring some sort of sanity to your company.

Many people in Nigeria have died and are still dying because of the consumption of fake drugs and food.

As a result, NAFDAC has deemed it necessary to prevent such barbaric incidents from occurring and has imposed strict penalties on producers and sellers of such products.

In order for you to have a smooth sail to register your products with NAFDAC, we showed you how everything works and is being done.

Requirements for NAFDAC Registration of Drugs

  • Registration with the corporate affairs commission and trademark registration with the trademark registry.
  • You will be asked to submit at least 3 samples of your products to be tested in the laboratory.
  • You are to submit a pharmaceutical products registration certificate, so you need to register with a pharmaceutical agency.
  • If your product is an import, you need to get proof from the manufacturing company abroad.
  • Product registration application letter.
  • If it’s an import, you need to get a letter of visitation from the manufacturer and the address of the company.
  • Complete all application paperwork with NAFDAC.

Requirements for NAFDAC Registration for Food

  • Registration certificate from the cooperate affairs commission.
  • NAFDAC’s certificate of inspection.
  • Product test and analysis certificate.
  • Complete all NAFDAC paperwork.

Requirements For NAFDAC Registration for Imported Food/Drugs

  • Power of attorney submissions from the manufacturer.
  • Health agencies’ certification from the manufacturer abroad.
  • Proof that the product has been tested and analyzed medically to see if it’s actually safe for consumption and export.
  • License verification.
  • Permission to send in samples from abroad.
  • Invitation letter inviting NAFDAC to inspect the factory.
  • Completion of all NAFDAC registration paperwork.

Steps to Get a Product Registered With NAFDAC

As much as you want to register your product and company with NAFDAC, you should know the procedures for registering imported goods differ significantly from those for internally manufactured products.

Also, a single registration number is solely meant for a product.

So, if your company manufactures multiple products, each product must have a separate NAFDAC registration number.

Once you’ve registered your product with NAFDAC, renew registration every 5 years.

Here are the right steps for registering your products with NAFDAC:

  • The very first thing you should do to register your product with NAFDAC is to start your application online or visit any nearby office near you.
  • Once you reach the NAFDAC office, you are to purchase a registration form.
  • Fill the form and submit your application.
  • When filling out your form, each product can only go with a single registration, but if you produce more than one product, purchase more than one form.
  • Write an application to NAFDAC. The application should contain the reasons for your registration and the product you are registering for, production process – the substances and ingredients it’s made of if possible.
  • Write on the application about your factory, its address, and its conduciveness. So, that they can easily trace it when they want to come for inspection.
  • Submit the letter of application together with the form you bought at their office. Endeavour to fill in and answer all queries in the form before submission.
  • Next, you will be sent a message to bring three samples of your products for testing and analysis to check if your product is actually safe for human use or consumption, and if it’s a drug, they will check if it actually solves the ailment, you just told them.
  • After the tests and analysis have been conducted and approved for your product, you will be asked to make some important payments depending on the type of product you produce and register for.
  • You will be issued a certificate of registration and a NAFDAC registration number.
  • Your NAFDAC registration number must be branded on your product as proof that you are registered.

How to Do NAFDAC Registration for Cosmetic Products

If you are into the production of cosmetic products of any type, you are absolutely not exempt from registering for NAFDAC.

All cosmetics products are required to have a NAFDAC registration number as demanded by law.

Selling or producing cosmetic products that are unregistered is illegal and punishable by the law.

NAFDAC’s primary aim is to regulate consumables, which cosmetics are part of.

Body creams, perfumes, pedicure, manicure, and others can be sub-categorized as drugs since they all have their own effects on the human body.

Here are the right steps for registering your cosmetic products with NAFDAC:

  • Visit NAFDAC office and fill out the application form. In your application, you will need a certificate of registration of business name from the cooperate affairs office.
  • Submit proof of trademark to them during registration. For trademarking, go to any trademark registry near you or register online.
  • After submitting your application, NAFDAC will have to visit your production facilities to inspect them and see if they are serene and safe for production. This applies if this is your first time registering for NAFDAC. But if you’ve already done it by registering for production of another product in the same facility, then there’s no need for that again.
  • After the inspection, NAFDAC will notify you of their approval and issue you a certificate of approval.
  • You will be issued a registration number, which you will brand with your cosmetic products.

NAFDAC Registration for Imported Products

In order to get a foreign product registered with NAFDAC, the manufacturing company from overseas must submit an application.

They will apply to let NAFDAC let them ship in samples to Nigeria.

Once the application has been approved, NAFDAC will give them permission to do so.

Then the samples are tested and analyzed properly.

Once NAFDAC has finished their lab testing and analysis, they will now issue certificates to allow the products to be imported into Nigeria.

That’s after several papers and expenses have been settled.

How Many Days Does It Take to Get Approved By NAFDAC?

NAFDAC registration and approval duration depends on how fast your registration office is, the type of product you are registering, how fast you can submit all the documents asked for and also the fees you are asked to pay.

For registration of imported products, it takes more time, more documents, and in fact, it is the most stressful of all.

This is because the manufacturer abroad has many roles to play and, since it is not a Nigerian company, it will take NAFDAC staffs more time to carry out both tests, inspections and others.

So, no one knows the specific time duration to get registration done for this category.

For food product registration, it might take up to 3 months, less or even more.

Your compliance determines it, too.

If you provide all the documents, details and fees before due time, your registration will be faster.

As for drugs, it takes 4 months, less or even more.

Then for other products, 2 months or fewer is enough.

How Much Does it Cost to Get NAFDAC Registration?

For NAFDAC registration, products like drugs and other imported products will probably cost more than food.

What you are asked to pay depends on how rigorous your manufacturing is and how big your production is.

As for imported goods, it may cost $10,000 or more because of the long process it can take.


Registering your product with NAFDAC immediately after you produce or importing is very important.

You will face the consequences of the law if you continue to defy registration.

As long as what you produce is legal and you feel it’s safe for consumption, there’s no need to hide under an enclave when selling it.

Get your NAFDAC registration.

It gives you confidence to sell your product with no harassment, intimidation, from anybody or any government agency.

Plus, people will patronize you even more because the mere sight of your product with a NAFDAC registration number increases their trust in you.

Though the NAFDAC registration procedure and cost may be stressful and expensive, it’s just once in five years to get it done and have your peace.

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