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NASIMS Login N-Power Portal (Batch C Dashboard and News)

Are you interested in the NASIM test portal and N-Power login dashboard to check shortlisted Batch A, B, and C candidates and the latest news?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

If you have already registered for the scheme, this post will guide you through the steps to login, reset your password, update your records, do your biometric verification and any other related queries concerning Npower.

Ensure to take your time and read this article to the end if you’re serious about achieving your dream and career goal this year.

Getting started…

N-Power Login Portal (NASIM)

The National Social Investment Program of Nigeria is a social welfare initiative created by the Federal government of Nigeria in 2015 under the direction of the National Social Investment Office.

The program ensured a more fair distribution of resources to vulnerable populations, including children, youth, and women.

Under President Muhammadu Buhari, the office has created four programs to address poverty and help increase economic development.

National Social Investment Program

These four (4) major programs are under the National Social Investment Program.

1. N-Power

N-Power is a job creation and skills empowerment programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The programme aims to help young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35 to gain and develop lifelong skills to become practical solution providers in their communities, enabling them to become innovative players in the domestic and global markets.

2. Conditional Cash Transfer

The conditional cash transfer programme directly supports the most vulnerable by providing no-strings-attached cash to those in the lowest income group, helping reduce poverty, improve nutrition and self-sustainability, and supporting development through increased consumption.

3. Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP)

GEEP is a micro-lending investment programme that provides businesses for the bottom of the financial pyramid.

The beneficiaries include traders, women cooperatives, market women, enterprising youth, farmers, and agricultural workers at no interest rate.

4. National Home-Grown School Feeding Program

The National Home-Grown School Feeding Programme aims to deliver a cost-effective home-grown school feeding programme focusing specifically on increasing school enrollment, reducing the incidence of malnutrition, especially among the poor; empowering cooks while supporting local agriculture through small holder farmers, stimulating economic growth through the socio-economic value chain.

The primary focus of the Programme is to provide free school meals with food bought from local smallholder farmers by strengthening communities across the country.

N-Power Batch C

All N-Power batch-c applicants are expected to update their profile and take a test for possible shortlisting to the next stage of the N-Power application process.

Please note that all successful candidates will be emailed and given directions on the next stage.

Candidates not selected can re-apply for the next batch of the programme as soon as it opens for the application.

Required Documents for NASIM N-Power Login Portal

  • Account Number
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Birth Certificates
  • Degree Certificates
  • Local Government of Origin
  • NIN
  • NYSC Certificate
  • O Level Certificates

NASIMS Test Portal

Ensure your records are fully updated on the NASIMS portal before taking this test.

For first time login, recover your password using the under-listed procedures:

  • Click on login.
  • Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  • Select either N-POWER application email or N-Power application ID.
  • Enter the information of the option selected.
  • Click on “Reset Password”.
  • Enter your new password and click proceed.
  • Login with your N-POWER application email or N-POWER application ID and newly created password.
  • After a successful reset of password, please login to update your records before taking the test.


  • This test is time base, and you are expected to answer 20 questions in 10 mins.
  • Test cannot be retaken after submission.
  • You cannot skip any question.
  • Every question is allotted an equal score.
  • If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you cannot take the test again.

N-Power Customer Care

All enquiries and complaints should be channeled through the N-Power customer care line.

Contact details are:

  • 018888340 or 018888189.
  • Opening days: Mondays Through Fridays (Time: 9am – 9pm), Saturdays (9am – 2pm).

NASIMS Portal BVN Validation Process

The NASIMS BVN validation is to confirm the authenticity of the npower applicants.

To validate your BVN successfully, follow these steps:

  • Login to your NASIMS Portal Dashboard.
  • Click on the BVN validation link, enter your details including date of birth, phone number (used in receiving bank alert), email address, and your BVN number.
  • Click on the validate button.

How to Update N-Power Records in NASIMS Portal

Upon a successful login (using the guidelines we gave on this page) onto the NASIMS website, look, a form will appear right on your system of phone screen, which you will need to fill in.

Fill the form on the portal carefully with your accurate information.

Don’t forget to attach the necessary required documents as requested and update your records.

How Do I Know If I’m Shortlisted for N-Power?

If you have been shortlisted, you are going to receive a congratulatory message in your mail and also when you log into your NASIMS dashboard; you are going to get the same congratulatory message.

You will also see the Npower Biometric fingerprint enrollment button to click on.

All this signifies that you have been shortlisted successfully.

Final Words

The Federal Government of Nigeria will recruit 1 million young Nigerian graduates and non-graduates into the Npower Batch C.

If you are ever interested in the social investment programme, it is another chance for you to take part.

The portal is back online and accessible.

You can now access your dashboard while waiting for your payment to drop at any moment.

To login to portal, you can either use your phone or mobile device to access the website easily.

Once the portal opens, all you will need to do is login with your ID on the NASIMS portal and your password and you can start the online test.

To recover your password for completing ID verification for your NASIMS portal test in Nigeria, visit the account login page

I wish you success.

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