OwoDaily ▷ Join Legit Site That Pays ₦5000 Per Online Job

Talking about OwoDaily, in the world we are today, especially in Nigeria, different online platforms that promise to make people rich are now sprouting on every part of the internet.

Some of these platforms are legit, but the bigger portion of these platforms are dubious.

Because of the fraudulent activities that are now everywhere on the internet, it is important for everyone to think twice before joining an online platform that promises high income for joining their network and may even request some amount for membership access.

However, OwoDaily is also synonymous with all these platforms that have duped people, so it is important we give OwoDaily a review so that you can avoid investing your hard-earned money in a leaky platform.

You might have been hearing about OwoDaily and have thousands of questions in your mind.

Is OwoDaily legit or a scam?

Over the years, OwoDaily has been one of the best online platforms to earn money in Nigeria by paying people to do some simple jobs just by using their phones.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know.

We will give you honest reviews about OwoDaily; how it works, how to register, the membership plan, minimum withdrawal, the pros and cons, and how to make money with OwoDaily regularly.

So, let’s get started.

What is OwoDaily?

OwoDaily Review

OwoDaily is a digital jobs community that pays all its members for completing a simple digital task on the platform.

It is a network that allows people to come together to push campaigns, earn cash, complete digital jobs, and shop on the market.

OwoDaily can also be described as a platform that connects outsourcing, crowdsourcing, freelancing, affiliates, business workers, and customers in one resident country in Africa.

On OwoDaily, members get access by applying to digital jobs shared around the world and get paid by OwoDaily after the works are successfully approved.

Affiliates on OwoDaily only earn by promoting other people’s products and services on OwoDaily marketplace.

There are different ways to earn on OwoDaily, and these range from referring people, completing daily tasks, promoting affiliates’ products, and getting hired to do digital jobs.

OwoDaily is an online platform that functions as a middleman for clients and vendors that purchase a product or service at a particular price.

How OwoDaily Works

The primary goal of OwoDaily is to give the list of offers of some digital tasks and products of people’s businesses as jobs to its members.

This is done to ensure even those who don’t have a digital skill can enjoy the platform’s benefits by making money.

OwoDaily works by allowing business owners to promote their products and services.

With this, anyone can partner with them through affiliates on OwoDaily, which will make them get more sales and make affiliates earn more money.

Also, OwoDaily allows you to sign up as an advertiser to increase your brand’s awareness.

If you have a social media page or account and would love to promote it, all you need to do on OwoDaily is to register as an advertiser.

You will get more followers, more friends, more customers, and more likes.

The goal is to ensure you get more sales in your business.

And for advertisers, it is to ensure that your social media accounts stand out.

For affiliates and digital workers, the goal is to ensure you make money daily on OwoDaily.

So OwoDaily is a win-win for everyone.

Description of Jobs on OwoDaily

OwoDaily has different services and varieties of tasks everyone can choose from to earn daily.

Here are the jobs, tasks, and services that are on the platform:

1. App/Website Evaluation

As a new website owner or app creator, you can post a task on OwoDaily for you to pay people to review your app on Google Play or to review your web.

This means you can easily submit a job on OwoDaily if you have an app or website that you want people to review and give positive comments to improve your ranking.

As a platform member, you can easily earn money by just reviewing and leaving positive comments on the person’s app on the Google Play store.

2. Content Creation

This is for those that have knowledge of writing articles.

As an OwoDaily member, you can easily write articles for blog owners and content creators.

To earn well in this case, you must post your job on OwoDaily, and there may be members who are also looking for writers for their blog posts.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn by just writing an article, as long as you are committed to and good at what you do.

3. Facebook Promotion

As a business owner, you can easily and conveniently use OwoDaily as a platform to advertise your Facebook pages, groups, and posts.

Here, it is also important you define the activities you want workers to take.

It may be something simple, like they should share, follow, join groups, and comment on posts.

However, members who are known as workers will be the ones to perform this task while they are rewarded based on their actions.

4. Instagram Marketing

As a business owner or you wish to build your brand on Instagram, OwoDaily can be of help by helping you to market your Instagram profile just by allowing the members to perform some tasks for the sake of money.

This is like a Facebook promotion; you need to tell workers to like, share, and follow you on Instagram.

5. Twitter Promotion

If you want to increase your business brand visibility on Twitter or want more followers, OwoDaily workers can help you get more followers for a little fee.

All you need to do is tell the workers what they need to do; it may be for them to like, follow you or comment on your posts.

6. YouTube Promotion

On YouTube, if your video is going to go viral after uploading, you will know within the first 48 hours because it has a significant impact on it.

So, if you want to promote your YouTube video or YouTube channel, you can easily post the job on OwoDaily, and the workers will subscribe, like, share, and comment depending on the instructions you give them.

This is important for a YouTuber because the more comments and likes you have after uploading your video in the first 48 hours, the more you will go viral.

As a worker on OwoDaily, you will pay for each task you complete and approve.

7. Music Promotion

OwoDaily also allows music artists to post jobs by giving their workers the action to share and download their new music on the platform.

So as a member or worker on OwoDaily, you easily earn just by downloading music on OwoDaily.

8. Sign Up for Leads

If you need an email list or leads for your business advancement, you can easily post a job on OwoDaily, and you will see the workers execute the job for a little fee.

This process is known as CPA marketing, and it works effectively in marketing.

9. Online Surveys

There are jobs on OwoDaily that allow its users to complete a questionnaire or fill a form on a certain topic.

Then the owner of the online survey will receive all the data and pay all workers for their efforts.

5 Ways to Make Money on OwoDaily

Here are the best ways to earn money on OwoDaily:

1. As a Member

After every member has completed the registration process on OwoDaily, you will have access to OwoDaily.

You will work on all tasks and digital jobs on the platform.

However, before you can access OwoDaily as a member, you need to pay a non-refundable one-time registration fee of about ₦5,000.

Once you have created an account on the platform, you will earn money online through the platform.

2. As a Company or Business Owner

As a business owner, you will promote your business once you have access to OwoDaily and your account has been approved.

Here, you will be the business that post jobs for workers to do on the platform by paying them, because this will surely result in sales in your business or company.

Advertising your business on the platform for marketing will make your brand to be known across the internet while increasing your brand awareness.

3. As a Collaborator (Partner)

If you join OwoDaily with the mindset of being a collaborator or partner, you will distribute gift cards to users on the platform.

However, before OwoDaily allows you as a partner to distribute gift cards on the platform, you will need to apply.

4. As a Digital Marketer

If you also have the skill of digital marketing, you can also use it to generate money on OwoDaily.

Here, you will earn by helping your clients to advertise their business on OwoDaily.

With this trick and benefit of OwoDaily, you can easily resell the service and pocket the profit; you will make huge money, but your rate will increase before the client.

As a digital marketer, you can also sell your goods on OwoDaily marketplace; digital or physical products.

In this manner, OwoDaily affiliates will be in charge of marketing these products and earn a commission.

5. As an Affiliate Marketer

OwoDaily is one of the best online platforms that compensates its affiliates for bringing another member to the platform.

To be a member requires ₦5000 for the first plan, so OwoDaily will pay you 50% of the commission if you refer someone.

To earn more in these cases depends on your registration plan.

However, by default, in OwoDaily, every member is an affiliate.

Activation Fee for OwoDaily

At OwoDaily, there are two membership plans available.


Standard Membership [₦5000]

OwoDaily membership plan is a lifetime subscription by default.

So, with this standard membership plan on OwoDaily, you can invite anyone to join the network and earn working from anywhere in the world just with your smartphone and accessibility to the internet.

OwoDaily aims to give legitimate ways for Nigerians to earn from home, especially those who have knowledge of affiliate and digital marketing.

Here are some things you should expect if you activate this lifetime standard membership plan on OwoDaily:

  • Accessibility to OwoDaily digital academy
  • You will earn money as an affiliate marketer
  • Access to digital job opportunities
  • Access to hundreds of works
  • Access to professional 24/7 online support

To get started on OwoDaily with this plan, all you need to do is pay a ₦5,000 one-time member fee, giving access to all these benefits.

OwoDaily Plus Membership [₦15,000]

This plus membership plan will give you full access to OwoDaily marketplaces for goods and services deals on OwoDaily.

As an affiliate, you will receive a commission for every successful sale and cashback for personal purchases on the platform in this plan.

You will also get timely reports on your dashboard and an affiliate manager that will always assist you as a:

  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Blogger
  • Influencer
  • Content Creator

At OwoDaily, you can easily market your internet traffic by just offering goods, products, or services to your audience.

As a plus member, you can also work as a brand ambassador to earn good commissions on all products and services you feature in the marketplace.

This plan is only for a year, but within a year, you have access to the following from OwoDaily:

  • Opportunities to check the best performing offers across the world.
  • Cashback for personal purchases.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Personal account manager.
  • Having a higher commission on invites and affiliate products.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on OwoDaily

The payment threshold on OwoDaily is ₦5,000, and once you reach the payment threshold, you can easily withdraw your funds into your local bank account without stress.

However, there is a limitation that every member on OwoDaily must not make a withdrawal request if they have NOT reached ₦5,000.

Though there is no penalty for this, it is better to avoid it.

On OwoDaily, withdrawals are processed only on Fridays, and your funds can be withdrawn into any Nigerian local bank account.

What is OwoDaily Village?

OwoDaily Village is a section that exists on the OwoDaily platform.

It is an online social community where all OwoDaily-approved members can interact and freely discuss any topic from entertainment, sport, music, and sports, depending on their interests.

In this manner, members can follow their favorite members in order to be always updated when they share new topics on their interests.

How to Complete OwoDaily Tasks

Once you have access to the OwoDaily platform, you will navigate unique features.

Here are the ways to complete OwoDaily tasks:

1. Look for work

Looking for jobs on OwoDaily will give you access to all jobs on the site that you can easily do to earn money.

You will also be able to monitor your job progress and see the number of members that have applied for the job before you.

All positions on the platform are already pre-approved; you just have to click the apply button to apply for the task.

The page where you want to apply for the job will detail the job requirements to know if you fit in before applying easily.

owodaily jobs

2. Completed Your Task

This section in the OwoDaily platform is for you to find the task you have completed; by seeing the one that has been approved and those yet to be approved.

You will also be able to see the rejected job in this section.

3. My Job Submission

This section on OwoDaily platform is for advertisers and business owners that want to promote their business visibility and products.

This area will reveal the status of the job you posted on the platform, showing you the progress.

Is OwoDaily Legit?

Owodaily is a platform that allows users to earn money by completing tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, and clicking on ads.

However, there have been some concerns about the legitimacy of Owodaily.

Some people have reported that they have not been paid for their work, while others have said that the tasks are not worth the time and effort.

Overall, there is no clear consensus on whether Owodaily is a legitimate platform.

Some people have had positive experiences with the platform, while others have had negative experiences.

Do your own research before deciding to use Owodaily.

Is Owodaily Still Paying 2024?

There have been some reports that Owodaily is no longer paying users in 2024.

There are a few reasons Owodaily might not be paying users anymore.

One possibility is that the platform is no longer profitable.

If you are considering using Owodaily, do your research and to be aware of the risks involved.

There are many other legitimate ways to earn money online, so it is not worth taking the risk of using a platform.

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