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Selar is a free eCommerce tool that helps creatives and entrepreneurs sell their content and products across borders with no hassle.

Selar is a legit platform with a team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing a safe online environment for sellers and buyers.

It is a great option for creators and entrepreneurs who want to sell their products and services online.

You can use Selar to sell digital and physical products, courses, and memberships, tickets for events and access to masterclasses, workshops, training, webinars, and more.

Selar does not have an app to download on Android and iPhone.

Sign up and log into your account via the online website.

Here are the features of Selar:

1. Free to use

Selar is a free platform to use.

There are no monthly subscription fees or hidden charges.

2. Multi-currency Support

Selar supports eight currencies today, including NGN, USD, GBP, GHS, KES, ZAR, and UGX and payouts to your bank account/wallet are made based on the currency of the sale.

You get to sell your products and services to customers all over the world in any currency and have the amount converted and credited in your country’s default currency.

3. Payment Integration

Selar integrates with a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Paystack.

This makes it easy for your customers to pay for your products and services.

4. Marketing Tools

Selar offers a variety of marketing tools that can help you promote your products and services.

These tools include email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

5. Customer Support

Selar offers 24/7 customer support.

This means that you can always get help if you have questions or problems.

How Selar Works

1. Sign up and set up your bank details

Signing up on Selar is very easy.

As soon as you sign up, you will be prompted to set up and verify your bank details.

2. Upload your products

You can quickly and easily upload your products on Selar, set your pricing in different currencies, input your product details and customize your product link to what you want.

3. Share the link with your customers to pay

Share the link to your store or your product and start receiving payment instantly with no hassle.

How to Use Selar

Here are the ways to use Selar to sell your product, service and subscription:

1. Digital Products

Sell any and every kind of digital product, from content packs to designs to bundles and more without stress.

2. eBooks

Selar is the best platform to sell your eBooks both downloadable and non-downloadable in any format.

3. Courses and Memberships

You can host your courses and membership sites with unlimited videos and files, unlimited storage, and have unlimited students, plus you get content security to prevent theft.

4. Event Tickets and Training

Sell tickets for all kinds of events and access to masterclasses, events, workshops, training, webinars, and even more.

5. Services

Sell any kind of service, from coaching services to consultations to counseling sessions to design services and more.

6. Physical Goods

You can use Selar to sell your physical product, from clothing to books to electronics and appliances and more.

How to Open a Selar Account

Here are the steps to open a Selar account:

  • Go to the Selar website and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • Enter your email address and create a password.
  • Select your country and currency.
  • Click on the “Create Account” button.
  • Verify your email address by clicking on the link in the verification email that Selar will send you.
  • Once your email address is verified, log in to your Selar account.

Once you have opened a Selar account, start adding your products or services.

You can also start promoting your products or services to your customers.

How to Make Money on Selar

Here are the ways to make money on Selar:

1. Sell your products or services.

Sell your digital and physical products, courses, and memberships, tickets for events and access to masterclasses, workshops, training, webinars on Selar.

2. Affiliate marketing.

Promote other people’s products or services on Selar and earn a commission on each sale.

3. Referral marketing.

Refer other people to Selar and earn a commission on each sale that they make.

When choosing products or services to sell on Selar, choose products or services that you are passionate about and that you believe in.

Also, choose products or services that are in demand and that people will pay for.

Once you have chosen the right products or services to sell, promote them on social media, through email marketing, and through other channels to your customers.

When you sell products or services on Selar, provide excellent customer service.

This means responding to your customers’ questions and concerns, and making sure that they are satisfied with their purchase.

It takes time and effort to build a successful business on Selar.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately.

Just keep working hard and promoting your products or services, and you will eventually see success.

How to Get Customers on Selar

Here are the steps to get customers on Selar:

1. Create a great product or service.

The first step to getting customers is to create a great product or service that people want to buy.

Make sure your product or service is high quality, solves a problem, and is priced competitively.

2. Promote your product or service.

Once you have created a great product or service, you need to promote it to your target audience.

You can promote your product or service on social media, through email marketing, and through other channels.

3. Optimize your product listings.

Make sure your product listings are optimized for search engines so that people can easily find your products or services.

Use relevant keywords and phrases in your product titles, descriptions, and tags.

4. Offer discounts and promotions.

Offering discounts and promotions is a great way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

You can offer discounts on your products or services, free shipping, or other promotions.

5. Build relationships with influencers.

Partnering with influencers is a great way to reach a new audience and promote your products or services.

Find influencers who have a following of people who are interested in your products or services and reach out to them about partnering with you.

6. Provide excellent customer service.

Once you have customers, it’s important to provide excellent customer service.

This means responding to their questions and concerns, and making sure they are satisfied with their purchase.

7. Use social media.

Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers and promote your products or services.

Make sure you are active on the social media platforms that your target audience uses and post regularly about your products or services.

8. Run ads.

You can run ads on social media, Google, and other platforms to reach a wider audience.

When running ads, be sure to target your ads to your target audience so that you are reaching people who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

9. Attend trade shows and events.

Attending trade shows and events is a great way to connect with potential customers and partners.

This is also a great way to learn about new trends and products in your industry.

10. Network with other businesses.

Networking with other businesses is a great way to get your products or services in front of new people.

Attend industry events, join online forums, and connect with other businesses on social media.


Here are the pricing plans for Selar:

1. Starter

With the Starter plan, you can start selling any kind of product on Selar for free.

  • Free
  • 40 Products
  • Sell eBooks
  • Sell services
  • Sell Physical products
  • Sell Read online only Ebooks
  • Sell Digital products
  • Sell Subscriptions
  • Sell Tickets
  • Pre order products
  • CRM
  • Coupons – Limited
  • Automated Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Cross-selling
  • Sell with Affiliates – Limited
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Facebook pixel
  • Multi-currency store – six currencies
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • QR Codes (Products and Coupons)

2. Pro

Host your courses and webinar replay videos and files, directly on Selar, prevent theft and 10X your sales with our more robust features and integrations.

  • ₦8,000 every month
  • Everything in Starter Plan
  • Upload up to 10 courses (Unlimited videos)
  • Unlimited products
  • PayPal + Stripe for verified merchants
  • Priority support
  • Pay what you want product
  • Zapier
  • Sell with Affiliates – Unlimited
  • Coupons – Unlimited
  • WordPress Learndash Integration
  • Kartra Integration
  • Custom Domain
  • Upselling
  • Custom sub-domain
  • Sell 10 single videos/webinar replays (Stream online only)
  • Sales Pages/Landing Pages – Unlimited
  • Affiliate Sales Pages
  • Drip Course Content
  • Course Certificates

3. Turbo

Supercharge your Selar experience: host more courses, webinar replays, and host membership sites.

  • ₦15,000 every month
  • Everything in Pro Plan
  • Upload up to 25 courses (Unlimited videos)
  • Sell 3 Membership (Subscription) courses (Unlimited videos)
  • Sell 25 single videos/webinar replays (Stream online only)
  • Drip Membership Content

Selar Transaction Fees

Selar charges a transaction fee for every successful sale made on the platform.

The fee varies by the currency of the sale.

Here is a table of the transaction fees for Selar:

Currency Transaction Fee
NGN 4% + NGN 50 per sale
USD 7% + 50¢ per sale
GBP 7% + 50P per sale
GHS 5% + GH¢ 1 per sale
KES 5% + 20KSH per sale
ZAR 6% + R 2 per sale
TZS 6% + 1,000 TZS (For transactions below 20,000 TZS)

6% + 2,000 TZS (For transactions above 20,000)

per sale

UGX 6% + 300USH per sale
RWF 6% + 50R₣ per sale
XAF 6% + 50CFA per sale
XOF 6% + 50CFA per sale

Withdrawal Fees

When funds are in your wallet, withdrawal fees?

There are two settlement options, Automatic and Manual settlements.

Automatic settlements are when the profit from sales is paid straight to your bank account.

This option is only available to Nigerian merchants selling in Naira.

For affiliates and merchants in all other countries, when a sale is made, the funds are paid to your Selar wallet, and once it’s in your Selar wallet, you can withdraw it immediately.

Here are the withdrawal fees for taking funds out of your Selar wallet:

  • Nigerian Naira (NGN): NGN 50
  • Ghana Cedi (GHS): GHS 7
  • Kenyan Shilling (KES): KES 100
  • Tanzanian Shilling (TZS): TZS 3500
  • Ugandan Shilling (UGX): UGX 11,500
  • South African Rands (ZAR): ZAR 12
  • Central African CFA franc (XAF): 600 XAF
  • West African CFA franc (XOF): 600 XOF
  • Rwandan Francs (RWF): 600 RWF
  • US Dollars (USD): USD 0 – Free (via PayPal)
  • British Pounds (GBP): GBP 0 – Free (via PayPal)

For payouts/withdrawals on Selar, here’s the minimum amount to take funds out of your wallet:

  • Nigerian Naira (NGN): NGN 100
  • Ghana Cedi (GHS): GHS 100
  • Kenyan Shilling (KES): KES 100
  • Tanzanian Shilling (TZS): TZS 100
  • Ugandan Shilling (UGX): UGX 1,000
  • South African Rands (ZAR): ZAR 10
  • Central African CFA franc (XAF): 100 XAF
  • West African CFA franc (XOF): 100 XOF
  • Rwandan Francs (RWF): 100 RWF
  • US Dollars (USD): USD 5
  • British Pounds (GBP): GBP 5


You can receive payments in eight currencies (USD, GBP, NGN, GHS, KES, UGX, TGZ and ZAR) using Selar and what’s great is, it’s enabled for you by default and you don’t have to do anything extra.

All you have to do is set the price of your product in your local currency, and on your store page the buyers can switch to another currency, and Selar would automatically convert the amount with the most favorable rates.

Affiliate Marketing

Generate custom links to your store for affiliates.

It takes less than 1 minute to set up.

Enter the email address of the affiliate, set a commission they should get when anyone buys from their link.

Selar automatically sends them an email when a sale comes in and you get an email too.

Selar automatically splits the commission and pays both parties.

Because Selar’s multi-currency is great, you can have affiliates from anywhere in the world, and Selar can pay them in their local bank account or via PayPal.

As an affiliate, when you facilitate a sale from your custom link, your profit gets paid to your Selar wallet, then you can withdraw the funds from your Selar wallet to your bank account.

Selar Affiliate Network

Selar Affiliate network is an affiliate marketing platform with over 10,000 qualified affiliates.

Anyone can sign up on Selar’s affiliate network, pick a product from over 70,000 products on Selar, start selling it and you get a commission for every sale you make.

Creators on Selar determine how much they want affiliates to earn from their product.

The affiliate commission is usually between 10% – 50%.

The cookies duration for affiliate links is over six months.

You don’t have to wait every Friday for your payout.

For NGN payment, you get your payout 24hrs after a sale has been made.

If you make a sale in other currencies that aren’t NGN, it would be sent to your local bank account in the stipulated payment time frame.

Here are the steps to join the Selar affiliate network:

  • Sign up.
  • Subscribe to the yearly plan to access the affiliate network – ₦2,000.
  • Browse the fantastic catalog of products and choose the product you want to be an affiliate of.
  • Get your affiliate link, recommend it to people, make a sale and earn a commission.

If you have an issue with your payout, reach out to the customer support team.

Email or send a DM on Instagram – @tryselar.

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