JAMB 2024 ▷ 23 Secret Tips to Pass Successfully [Score High]

Pass JAMB ExaminationDo you wish to prepare well and pass the JAMB examination excellently by getting a good high score in this year?

If YES, this article is only what you need to read today.

If you have met the JAMB requirements and have completed your registration, then you should get ready to write and pass the examination this year.

JAMB 2024 is very competitive and lots of brilliant students would sit for the exam this year.

With this in mind, your next question would be…

How can I pass my JAMB examination easily in one sitting without examination malpractice?

Yes, it is possible to prepare and pass JAMB without studying like crazy and also without paying a dime for expo or runs.

In this article, you’ll learn and get helpful answers today on:

  • How to read and pass JAMB successfully in one sitting
  • Secret to score high in JAMB without expo or examination malpractice
  • JAMB most repeated topics, preparation app and syllabus
  • How to pass English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in JAMB
  • Secrets, tricks and tips for JAMB success
  • How to prepare and pass JAMB in one week, two weeks, one month, two months
  • JAMB exam format, guideline and likely questions
  • Ways to pass JAMB using past questions
  • How to pass JAMB excellently without stress
  • JAMB lesson and online practice test
  • How to score 290, 300, 320, 360, 400 in JAMB
  • Mistakes students make in JAMB
  • How to score above 350 in JAMB
  • JAMB area of concentration

Getting started…

JAMB Examination Basics

  • Purchase the recommended novel with a token amount.
  • After paying for your registration form, you will get a CD containing the syllabus and brochure.
  • The brochure will help you select your course choice along with the university.
  • You have the option of choosing a federal university for your first choice, a state university for the second, a polytechnic for the third, and a college of education for the fourth.
  • You will need to choose three relevant subjects besides the Use of English (which is compulsory), making it four subjects altogether.
  • The JAMB is a computer-based examination and not handwritten.
  • There will be no question-and-answer sheets as they will display sheets like everything on the computer waiting for you to tick the right answers.
  • If you have never operated a computer in your life, it is necessary to learn how to do so before the exams as no one will help you during that day.
  • Judging from the past JAMB examinations, 180 multiple-choice questions (no theory section) were set.
  • 60 questions came from the use of English, while the remaining subjects got 40 questions each. So, you need to prepare yourself mentally to answer those questions.
  • The exam takes about three hours to complete, although this time is subject to change by the officials.
  • It’s important to answer all the questions to each of the subjects within that time limit, so you need to practice accuracy while preparing.

Is it Possible to Pass JAMB and Get a High Score?

JAMB isn’t difficult to pass.

Several students have got maximum results and good scores in JAMB.

So, it is very possible for you to do the same without engaging in examination malpractices.

JAMB is your ticket to a brighter future, so you just need to prepare for it thoroughly.

I will cover the ways to pass JAMB without cheating below.

Steps to Passing JAMB Successfully in One Sitting

Here are the right steps to pass JAMB successfully in one sitting:

1. Be Confident [Believe in Yourself]

Believing in yourself is an essential key to succeed in your examinations.

It is well known that anytime JAMB examination draws close, candidates are always terrified.

This is indirectly one of the major reasons many students fail the JAMB examination.

Do not look down upon yourself that you cannot score above 300.

Don’t be afraid of preparing and sitting for the examination.

Do not allow your environment to limit your potentials.

You may not have attended the best secondary schools, but you have a high chance to succeed.

If you believe you can do it, then you will pass JAMB excellently with a little stress.

To pass the JAMB examination, you must write a plan, be enthusiastic, determined, and zealous in achieving it.

2. Wisely Choose Your Course of Study

One costly mistake many candidates make is in their selection of a course during JAMB registration.

Whatever course you register for in JAMB is the first determinant of whether you’d pass JAMB without studying hard or not.

Here’s why…

Your course determines your subject combination, and it is the total of your scores in each subject that determines your JAMB result.

How then can you choose a course that does not include your favourite subject in its JAMB combination and you expect to pass JAMB easily?

Let’s take an example.

Say your favourite subject is Computer Science and you struggle with calculations, but you want to study Biochemistry. Why?

The JAMB subject combination for Biochemistry is Use of English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

See how HARD you’d have to study…

Computer Science, your favourite subject, is not even in the combination for Biochemistry.

Physics has so many complex calculations and you are NOT even good at calculation.

Summarily, choose a course that has more of your favourite subject(s) in its JAMB combination because you’d simply score higher in those subjects even without reading hard.

3. Target a Higher JAMB Score

After choosing your course of study, your next step in passing JAMB easily without studying HARD is to aim to score higher than 200 in JAMB.

Officially, the JAMB score of 200 is the highest cut-off mark acceptable for admission in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

But often, most universities (especially Federal) divide JAMB score mercilessly to determine their departmental cut-off mark.

So, write the score you want to have (it could be 350, 300, or more), depending on your course and your determination.

Setting a particular score you intend to get in the JAMB examination helps you in two ways:

  • First, it makes you work hard so that you will reach the score you want.
  • It helps to ensure that you don’t score very low in the JAMB examination.

Target a higher-than-average JAMB score because even if you later didn’t hit that prime target, you will never fall below 200.

4. Start Studying Early

There is no single secret of passing JAMB than one thing – early preparation.

If you do not prepare on time, there is no magic that will stop failure.

Dying minutes come with extraordinary tension and preparing to pass JAMB under such tension will make you study hard with frustration because there will be just too much to study in too little a time.

But when you study for your JAMB as early as today, you will cover more of the syllabus with ease and even win yourself some free time to relax during the rush-hour of dying minutes.

So, if you haven’t been preparing before now, you know what to do.

Devote 1 or 2-hour(s) study time daily for the remaining few months to your JAMB examination because the earlier you start, the easier it gets and the lesser the tension.

5. Study with JAMB Syllabus

After deciding to study now, your next step in passing your examination is to make use of JAMB Syllabus when reading.

Working with your JAMB syllabus is the best exam expo you can ever get to score high in JAMB.

The JAMB Syllabus is an official document or material that contains detailed information and guidance on the areas or topics you are expected to cover on a particular subject for your UTME.

JAMB gives out syllabus because they understand students cannot possibly read everything in their educational textbooks because it’s voluminous and could easily overwhelm students.

And so, they have made things easier by selecting topics they are likely to get questions to set for the exams.

The syllabus explains each subject structure, exams, review sessions, and other activities required for students to learn the material.

You will also find in the list of topics you are required to cover for each subject in the syllabus, which could give you an idea of likely questions for free.

You can never go wrong using the syllabus when preparing for the examinations.

It guides you to read whatever subjects you must have registered for the exams.

6. Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks

If you want to pass your upcoming JAMB examination in one sitting, try studying the recommended JAMB textbooks.

JAMB is the organizer of the examination, so they are in a better position to recommend texts based on their standard.

Open your JAMB subject syllabus.

Scroll to the bottom of that syllabus and you’d see a list of textbooks recommended by JAMB for you to study on that subject.

Those textbooks were recommended because JAMB has confirmed them to contain quality explanations of all the topics in the JAMB syllabus for that subject.

To get these textbooks – you can borrow from a friend or teacher, buy from a nearby bookshop, find and read one in your school library or any public library around your area.

7. Read the Provided Novel

Make sure you get the recommended novel when registering for your exam.

The Use of English takes about 15-35 questions from the novel.

Ensure that you read the novel from the beginning to the end, noting the names of the characters and the role they played.

It doesn’t matter if you are a science or art student, you will all write Use of English and must answer the questions from the novel.

8. Study and Understand at Your Best Time

One of the best ways to pass JAMB without reading hard is to study and understand at your own best time.

Some students are night readers, while others read better during early morning, late morning, afternoon, and evening.

Read for JAMB at your own best time because it increases your ability to understand better, and even those frustrating subjects and topics will look friendlier at your best reading time.

It’s one thing to take time to study, it’s another thing to understand what you’re reading.

If you want to pass any exams well enough, you need to have a good understanding of what you read to deliver in the examination hall.

9. Get Rid of Distractions

Getting rid of distractions is not as easy as it may sound.

Addiction to social media apps is never an easy habit to drop.

An effective way you can prepare, study and score high in JAMB is to get rid of distractions.

No distractions should be allowed while you are preparing for the examination.

To get rid of distractions, you must do away with anything that would hinder your study plan.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of distraction while preparing for JAMB.

  • Cultivate the habit of using social media only on weekends.
  • Do not study on an empty stomach.
  • Don’t do house chores during study time.
  • Explain to your friends and your family members that you need some time alone to prepare so you can do well.
  • Get a good recharge lamp to study at night.
  • Get enough sleep before your study time.
  • Go to the library to study and do not go along with your Android or iPhone.
  • Inform your parents you need alone time to study.
  • Make yourself unavailable to friends who would distract you from your study.
  • Resist the urge to check out your WhatsApp messages during study hours.
  • Study in a calm environment, a well-ventilated room and with table and chair.
  • Switch off your data while studying.
  • Stay focused and discipline yourself.

10. Don’t Joke with Use of English

Use of English is compulsory for all JAMB candidates, no matter your course of study or school.

English may not be your favourite subject, but it is one of the easiest to score high in if you know the right format.

Questions always come from the JAMB novel, comprehension, orals, lexis and structure.

Since it is compulsory and quite the easiest, a high mark in English can shoot your total JAMB score to the skies.

11. Always Use Correct JAMB Past Questions and Answers

JAMB has been conducting the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for over 42 years now and has a reservoir of decades of past questions on each subject so far.

So, they don’t need to sit down to set new questions for most of the subjects every year.

It’s completely true that JAMB repeats 70% of their past questions every single year.

This means that 35 out of every 50 questions in JAMB have been asked before in the previous year.

Though their repetitions are often not word-for-word; the questions can be reframed, or the options reshuffled.

JAMB past questions are easily available for you to get them from online or offline vendors.

If you have been looking for JAMB repeated questions in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Government, Biology, Accounting, Commerce, CRS, IRS, Economics, Geography, Agricultural science and other subjects, then your answer lies in JAMB past questions!

Warning! Do not cram past questions and answers.

Sometimes, JAMB tweaks these questions a bit and if you have crammed the answers, you may shoot yourself in the leg.

Also, while using purchased past questions, do not always rely on the answers printed at the back, as they are not always correct.

If you can’t answer any question on your own, take it to your older siblings, friends, study group or even the teachers at school to help you out.

But if you take out time to read the subject textbooks and syllabus, you might not even need help from anyone.

So, ensure to study JAMB past questions on your subjects to understand their pattern and pick out the frequently asked topics in previous years to read more on.

12. Download and Practice JAMB CBT

A lot of practice is needed to prepare for your JAMB examination, especially if you want to pass excellently well and come out in flying colours.

Luckily, JAMB CBT practice software can help you prepare more effectively if you will make use of the tool.

CBT is an acronym for Computer-Based Test.

Therefore, JAMB CBT means that all the questions in your JAMB exam will be asked and answered using a computer.

The JAMB Computer Testing and Preparatory Software helps candidates prepare for and familiarize themselves with the coming JAMB examination.

The JAMB CBT software is available on the Google play store and you can download it for free and start using it to prepare now.

Although you can also use the software on both your computer and mobile phone, if you do not have a personal computer or laptop and you want to sit for this upcoming JAMB, then you may face challenges on the examination day using the computer.

Remember, JAMB is a computer-based test, so if you are not familiar with how a computer works, you may find it difficult to use it on the day of your exam.

Find someone who has a personal computer that you can use to know how a computer works so you don’t make a fool of yourself in the hall.

You should also speak with someone who has written the exam in the past so you could get their advice on what to expect.

Remember that the goal of practicing JAMB CBT is to perfect your time management skill and learn how to make of the computer system.

So, try to finish the practice questions by the time and if you don’t meet up with the time while practicing, you can always keep trying until you get faster.

13. Consider JAMB Lesson and Tutorials

After deciding your level of computer usage, it’ll make sense for you to also to consider attending JAMB lessons.

Attending JAMB tutorials can assist you with preparations for your exams.

Studying on your own is the best, but sometimes you may encounter those stubborn topics that will prove difficult to understand on your own.

Lesson centres teach you topics that you don’t understand, and interacting with other students could also serve as a form of a morale booster.

Some teachers in these centers have been coaching students for many years and trust me, they have an experience to put you through.

JAMB lesson centres will require a small fee, which may vary depending on the tutorial centre, teachers, facilities and the location.

Find the very best JAMB coaching centres around you and enroll to get professional coaching as you prepare to write your examination.

It’s also worthy to note that these tutorials can sometimes be a source of distraction.

Many students go to these lessons to show off their latest gadget and fashion style and look for boyfriends and girlfriends.

Whenever you find yourself in such tutorial centres, try to stay focus and learn or quit.

14. Join JAMB Study Groups and Study with Friends or Other Candidates

In scoring high in JAMB, two heads are better than one.

If you have a friend that is equally taking the exams, why not practice some tests together?

Studying in a group will help you cover more of the JAMB syllabus because you will be exposed to many areas that you might not have read yet.

You may bounce ideas off each other, time each other as you practice seeing if you can meet up with time.

You can also point out each other’s mistakes.

There may be a particular topic a friend of yours is very good at, but you are not too good at, say for example Mathematics, Physics or Government.

Let them put you through and vice versa.

Many JAMB groups exist on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook.

Join only the relevant ones.

15. Take JAMB Mock Examination

JAMB mock examination is annually fixed by JAMB to prepare candidates ready for the main upcoming examination.

The JAMB mock exam is usually organized a week or two before the main JAMB exam.

JAMB often claims that the examination is just for preparation purpose. But sometimes it is not.

Many mock questions are drawn (at random) from the previous JAMB questions.

JAMB mock exam will provide with a “safe” environment to test your Time Management Skill.

The mock exam will also provide you a firsthand experience on how to use the computer for your main JAMB exam.

So, if you are given the opportunity to take a JAMB mock examination, do not neglect it.

Take the examination because it may be your helper in the main examination.

16. Learn Time Management

Another important thing to note if you want to pass your JAMB exam excellently in one sitting is to learn how to manage your time.

There is always a time limit when you are taking your JAMB test.

JAMB will give you 2hrs 45 mins to answer 180 questions.

It might look like it is too big, but it is actually not.

You should aim to beat this time.

If you do not prepare with timing in mind, you may not answer half of the questions before the time is up.

Practice makes perfect.

Keep practicing and you’ll get much better if not perfect.

17. Learn from Experiences of Other JAMB candidates

“Experience is the best teacher.”

Apart from the fact that you have to read with care and persistence, you also have to know the difficulties of the examination, and it is only when you network and engage in intelligent discussions with other JAMB candidates (both past and current), you will know and learn that.

18. Stay informed on JAMB News

Do not stay in the dark.

As you prepare for your upcoming examination, you must stay informed on JAMB latest news and update.

You must know the requirements for registration, when to print your exam slip and centre/venue for your exam.

Join the Facebook group to receive updates from JAMB and other admission news.

Another source of information is the newspaper, television, JAMB official websites, educational blogs, etc.

Also, follow JAMB’s official social media account to get up-to-date verified news.

There is so much fake and misleading news on social media so, be guided so you don’t fall victim.

Get your information from the legit sources and make sure you always do your checks.

19. Eat and Rest Properly

Good health is necessary to pass your upcoming examination.

Some students make the mistake of starving themselves with food and sleep because they want to read more.

But doing this will only result in confusion, weakness, and difficulty in assimilation.

If you fall sick a few days before your examination, all your effort may go down the drain.

As you study, make sure that you take good care of your body and health.

Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet with brain foods such as nuts, egg, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Sleep well so you can wake up with high energy levels to continue reading, but this time, with a clearer brain.

Always engage in physical activities to improve your physical and psychological health.

20. Arrive Your Exam Centre Early

On your JAMB examination slip, you will see the correct centre or venue that has been assigned to you for your exam.

Arriving on time for your exam will reduce your exam tension and provide you with more time to revise your study or get familiar with your exam environment.

It’s advisable to visit your JAMB exam centre before your exam day to get familiar with:

  • Alternative shortcuts
  • Bus or street to take
  • Directions to the exam centre
  • The time taken to reach the centre

If your centre is far from where you stay, find a 1-night accommodation closer to your JAMB centre and pass the night before your exam day there.

21. Don’t Forget Your Exam Materials

Examination materials include your JAMB exam slip and pencil.

JAMB may be 100% computer-based but you’d still need to sign your attendance or even solve some calculations manually and the slip will be required at your exam centre.

An on-screen calculator will be provided on your computer.

So do NOT go with any calculator or sheet of paper (except your exam slip) to avoid implicating yourself.

22. Be Prayerful

Praying during your examination period is very important for your success.

No matter what religion you are in, if you really want to pass the JAMB examination this year, you must always pray for God’s help in your exam and your prayers will surely be answered.

Find time to pray daily for your exam, divine protection, safety, long-healthy life, prosperity and help from God.

In case you don’t know, computer have problem and the examiner can fail all candidates in a centre if there is any trace of examination malpractice.

So, pray not to have a general result problem with your centre and other unforeseen circumstances, too.

23. Have Good Examination Manners

  • Focus 100%
  • Once you click “Start Exam”, your time counts.
  • Pay FULL attention to your own work and nothing else.
  • Your friend (or any other person) can wait until you are done with your own questions.
  • Start and finish your favourite subject fast and get some extra time for your remaining subjects.
  • Do subject(s) with calculations last. Unless Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics or Accounting is your favourite subject, choose to answer them after you are done with the other subjects.
  • When you do not know or cannot remember the answer to a question, skip it and come back later.
  • Before you submit, the computer screen will show you all the numbers of question both answered and unanswered. Click on the unanswered questions that you might have skipped on purpose or by mistake and answer them all.
  • If at the end, you still don’t know or can’t remember the answer to that stubborn question, pick any of the option as your answer because your guess has a chance of being the correct answer.
  • Once you click on that “Submit” button, there is no going back or trying again. Submit ONLY when you are done.
  • Don’t engage in malpractices. If you cheat in your examination and get caught, you will definitely lose your exam altogether, among other consequences.

Once you are done with your JAMB exam, the next thing is to patiently wait for the results to be out.

You will check your JAMB results within a week or two after your exam.

However, beware of fraudsters both before and after your JAMB exam.

They will come as JAMB expo or runs dealers and JAMB result upgraders.

After JAMB, what you need is to rest and later start preparing for your WAEC or choice University Post UTME Screening Exercise after you must have seen your result.


Now that you have known how to pass JAMB excellently and easily this year, all I can wish you is the very best and success in your exams and all your endeavours.

Avoid any malpractice in JAMB because you will most likely be caught and punished.

Those JAMB exam centres were accredited for many reasons and one is that the tiny CCTV cameras in their halls are working.

Do you have something to ask about these proven ways to pass JAMB easily without examination malpractice (expo)?

Comment below and you will get replied in a few minutes.

I wish you success in your examination.

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