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Many people use the TM WhatsApp and have many doubtful questions and need to get the answers to their questions.

This comprehensive area of TM WhatsApp frequently asked questions (FAQs) below will deliver the solutions to all the information questions and doubts they might have.

This app is available for Android users, not iPhone users

What is TM WhatsApp APK?

TM WhatsApp app connotes ‘Titus Mukisa’.

Titus Mukisa is the creator of the App.

TM WhatsApp has tons of unique features that differentiate it from other WhatsApp, and you can get it in any other WhatsApp mod application.

With the broadly current version, TM WhatsApp users can download WhatsApp status in one click.

With this WhatsApp, you do not need to request others to share their status online.

Other WhatsApp status last for 24 hours, however, with TM WhatsApp, it can last for up to about 36 to 48 hours.


Here are some features that make this WhatsApp unique from the original google play store WhatsApp.

  • Hide blue ticks and second ticks (Avoid letting the sender be aware that you have read their messages).
  • Sleep mode (Disable internet for only TM WhatsApp).
  • Anti-recall messages (stops messages from getting deleted from your side).
  • Auto-reply (Reply to messages when you are busy).

How to Use TM WhatsApp

  • Increased video status to 1 hour instead of 30 seconds as compared to that of the regular WhatsApp.
  • Schedule messages to be sent later (you no longer need to wake up to wish a friend a happy birthday).
  • Send as many messages as possible to more contacts at once instead of only 5 contacts on regular WhatsApp.
  • Hide status view (Don’t let the poster that you have viewed their status).
  • Freeze last seen (freeze your last seen to a previous date/time).
  • Block unwanted incoming voice and video calls.
  • Your contacts online and last seen pop-ups on the main screen.
  • Download and copy a friend’s status.
  • Change the app’s icon and notifications icon.
  • Send 100 documents at once instead of 30 on the regular WhatsApp.
  • Anti-recall status (stops statuses from getting deleted from your side).
  • Hide chats (using a pattern).
  • Send audios with about 100MBs as compared to the 16MBs on regular WhatsApp.
  • Send videos with a size of 50MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp.
  • You can send 100 images at once instead of 10 images on the regular WhatsApp.
  • Automatically split long videos and upload them to status.
  • Change the app font, launcher icon, and notifications icon.

And many other features. Try it out to discover them by yourself.

You may ask, can I have both TM WhatsApp and the other Google play store WhatsApp on my phone?

Yes, you can run and download both applications on an android device.

So, now you know you can run both apps on your phone, then there is no obligation to uninstall the normal WhatsApp unless you wish to use only one app.

The only tip is that you will need two different numbers to register on both applications for the same phone.

Link to Download

Join the TM WhatsApp Telegram community or channel to get the APK file directly from the owner or visit his official website.

The next way is by simply searching on Google for “TM WhatsApp”.

Many online websites on Google will provide you with direct download links to TM WhatsApp.

Just like other social media apps, download and install the app on your mobile phone.

After installing, put in your phone number, and restore backup messages.

Then you can start using the app.

How to Chat Using TM WhatsApp

  • Once your contacts are uploaded in the app, go to the person’s contact.
  • Press open the person contact, and you’d see where to message the person using your phone’s keypads and then you press send.
  • The message would be delivered. Of course, you have to be connected to your phone’s network or Wi-Fi.
  • When the person receives the message, who or she would reply?

I’m finding it difficult to install the app on my device.


How do I fix that?

Easy wonder no more!

If you have an old WhatsApp app on your device, uninstall it and reinstall the newly downloaded TM WhatsApp.

This will help to rectify that problem, but don’t forget to back up your chats before you uninstall the old version.

Another probable reason for the “Parse Error” is an unsteady download or impaired file.

To avoid unsteady downloads, we suggest you should always download the app from our recommended telegram channel.

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