What are the Worst Colleges in America Now? (See Top 15)

Because of its reputable universities and basic amenities, the United States of America is every student’s dream.

However, there are also some worst colleges in America when categorized by state.

Even though higher learning institutions appear globally, most outstanding colleges for all ages are not only in the US.

Most people attend American universities to get degrees from all over the world.

Hence, you may wonder why some colleges are considered worse with all the qualities in the US.

Some universities and colleges in the United States are considered the worst because of their outrageous fees, yet they offer incompetent, poor academic programs, and teaching methods.

Since your future depends on attending the right college, it’s necessary to know the institutions to avoid.

In this article, we’ll list the worst schools in America and why you should think twice before applying to these institutions.

15 Worst Colleges in America in 2024

Here is a list of the worst colleges in the United States of America.

1. DeVry University in Illinois

DeVry University is a semester-based institution established in 1931.

The University created small campuses across 16 states in America.

DeVry University is often below the high-rated universities in America.

For instance, the school has a negative reputation because it is ranked 127–166 out of 167, which shows that it isn’t performing very well.

They don’t care if you have the best education for your money.

Even though it offers good online programs, it still appears on our list of the worst colleges in America because of the information below:

The acceptance rate is 44%, and the tuition fee is $17,488.

Also, the average federal loan deficit after graduation is $28,308, and the average federal loan deficit from students who do not graduate is $8,409.

The graduation percentage at this college is 20.6%, which shows that many students leave with more than $29,000 in debt or rarely complete their degrees.

2. Western International University in Arizona

Western International University is a private institution having a little average graduation percentage of 15% after six years.

Many students opposed the institution’s poor service delivery, high tuition costs, and other issues before it stopped enrolling students in degree programs in early 2019.

The institution lost its accreditation.

Only 1% of students will complete their education within the scheduled time frame, according to College Factual.

After three years, many students, approximately 6.2%, stop their loan repayments with an average default amount of $21,228.

That’s not bad, but given the graduation rate, it is certainly a gamble.

3. Philander Smith College in Arkansas

The Philander Smith College is in Arkansas, and its tuition fee is very affordable, with a 40% graduation rate.

Most of its students graduate with a median of $26,600.

Most students frequently complain about the quality of the cafeteria food, the conditions of their lodging, and the absence of student activities and professionalism.

That Philander Smith College is inexpensive and considerable is the single positive aspect of the institution.

4. University of South Carolina, Aiken

South Carolina college was founded in 1961; it is well known for its poor academics, horrible campus culture, and lousy reputation.

It is easy to understand why the institution is on the list of one of the worst colleges for academic performance.

It is a new public university with about 3,400 undergraduate students.

The graduation rate is 41%, and graduates’ median incomes are $41,000 and $18,500 yearly.

It ranks 1178 out of 1779.

The number of courses is limited, teachers often lack the credentials, and the overall standard of teaching is deficient.

The cooking is horrible, and the rooms on campus are dirty and cramped.

A few social activities are also poorly planned and not enjoyable.

5. Florida Memorial University

Florida Memorial University is a private institution established in Miami in 1879.

There are 1,700 undergraduates.

The average cost of attendance for students is $22,270 annually, and they graduate with an average debt of $30,160.

While the graduation rate is only 38%, the median starting salary for graduates who land jobs is $36,600.

The high school crime rate and University accreditation are also under threat because of financial difficulties.

The average student loan debt at the university is $30,169.

So, it is advisable to stay away from this school if you wish to have a good and sound education.

6. Grambling State University

Grambling State University is a public institution founded in 1901 in Grambling, Louisiana.

The number of undergraduates is above 4,000.

The average student leaves school with a debt of $25,732, and the cost of attending the institution is $17,489 per year.

Although the graduation rate is only 35%, the median starting pay for students who find employment after graduation is $23,800.

7. Morris College in South Carolina

Morris College is a private college in Sumter, South Carolina.

The Baptist Church is related to this college, and it was established as an industrial school in 1908 for African American students.

In 1930, the institution converted to a four-year liberal arts college, and it started offering degrees to graduates in 1955.

The college teaches business, education, English, history, and sociology and also provides associate degree, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degree programs.

Despite many course options, the college has an annual graduation rate of 20% and a $26,000 student loan debt.

8. University of Montevallo

This University was founded in 1896 and is in Montevallo, Alabama.

It is a small research university with a semester-based curriculum and is among the worst colleges in America.

The school experiences financial difficulties, and its facilities are in poor condition.

Few students graduate, and those who do always leave with a poor education because of its high dropout rate.

According to US data, 49% of students graduate each year with an average debt of $25,484 and a 90% acceptance rate.

Also, the University is notorious for its racial conflict and racism.

The only benefit is the environment.

9. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Eastern New York

Rensselaer Polytechnic is a privately owned institution founded in 1824 in Eastern New York.

The school has always been criticized for its expensive tuition fees, low graduation rates, and poor campus facilities.

Because of its poorly defined regulations, which the administration used to prevent free speech, this school is among the worst colleges in America.

The administration employed “eminent domain” to stop students from handing out buttons or pamphlets on campus sidewalks when conflicts arise.

Even handing out flyers is prohibited on the premises without prior permission.

Eminent domain cannot be used to support requests since it concerns the government’s power to seize property, and it is an embarrassing act to do so.

The school punishes students who speak to the media about their outdated policies.

The graduation rate at RPI is only 57%, meaning fewer than six out of every ten students graduate.

And for those who completed their education, the average debt load for RPI graduates is $32,600.

10. Mt. Sierra College

Mt. Sierra College is a private institution founded in California in 1990 and is among the worst colleges in America because of its low graduation rates.

They offer various courses in business and technology, but students don’t stick around to complete their degrees.

The annual cost is approximately $16,000, and the college’s reputation is weak because of the low 6.2% graduation rate.

Which makes many employers hesitate to respect and favor graduates from this college.

11. St. Augustine’s University

St. Augustine’s school is in Raleigh, North Carolina, founded in 1867.

They have a 28% graduation rate, and those graduating accrue debt of $22,500.

This university has a high percentage of student loan defaults, which shows that graduates cannot earn enough money to repay their student loans.

This institution is associated with the Episcopal Church, and it experienced several financial setbacks, budget shortages, low registration, and accreditation issues over the years.

The university is trying to strengthen its financial status and rectify the worries of its accreditors.

12. Black Hills State University

Black hill state university was in a small city area of South Dakota in 1883, which was challenging for students to find jobs or internships after school.

Having a considerable loan debt of $ 25,400 and a student graduation rate of 38%, this University is one of the worst colleges in America.

It is poorly rated by the students and has a record of financial crises.

If a student wants to receive a high-quality education, Black Hills State University is not a good option. Its sports teams likewise don’t have a lot of success.

13. Nazarene Bible College, Colorado

Nazarene Bible College is a private religious institution in Colorado Springs.

If you wish to have a degree in philosophy, the Nazarene Bible college is the best institution for this discipline.

But the only issue is that candidates in this field are not much required in the business world.

Part-time adjunct professors who are not eligible for full-time pay and benefits are employed.

Only 10% of the faculty at this college are full-time employees, and RateMyProfessor rated the institution 0.0 for its teachers.

Despite not being the most challenging college on this list, Nazarene Bible College is one of the worst in terms of qualities.

The annual tuition fee is $26,000, which is more than the average cost of private institutions nationwide.

And even though tuition is expensive, the school’s graduation percentage is 16.4%.

Nazarene Bible College graduates had average debt loads of over $42,340 when they left school.

14. University of Alaska Anchorage

Anchorage university is a public institution in Alaska founded in 1954.

It is well-known for its semester-based curriculum, high acceptance rate, and low graduation rate because of its urban location.

Alaska university is good in some areas and also lagged in some.

About 31% of graduates, and the default percentage is 12.2% after graduation.

Unlike others, the median income is very high at $46,000, double the amount of student loan debt.

Some Alaska Anchorage university programs have lost accreditation, which contributes to the low graduation rate, rising annual cost of attendance, and poor academic advisors.

The major highlight of this university is the alums’ yearly average starting salary.

15. Shaw University, North Carolina

Shaw University is a private school in Raleigh, North Carolina, and was founded in 1865.

The rate of university dropouts is high.

It has one of the lowest graduation rates at 18% and a very high default rate on student loans.

Shaw University is known for its average academic programs and insufficient campus security.

Because of these problems, it is among the worst colleges in America for education.

Few people get their degrees from Shaw.

Given that its acceptance rate is only 52%, it has an odd graduation rate of 25.4%.

Students often carry an average of $28,044 in loans when they graduate.

The six-year compensation is only $29,200, which is not very good.

It is barely surprising that 19.6% of students default on their loans after three years when these two figures are added together.


The above list of the worst colleges in America summarizes the institutions that fall into these categories regarding education, facilities, and welfare.

If you want a good and sound education, you may consider not attending any of these schools that have been labeled as part of the worst colleges in America.

If you are interested in attending one of these American institutions, you might as well be ready for factors such as unskilled staff, limited resources, and employment difficulty after graduation.

We hope this article has been helpful.

Don’t forget to check back for a more interesting read.

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