Industrial Training Placement For Biochemistry Students In Nigeria

Biochemistry Industrial Training In Nigeria

Where can I really work as a biochemistry industrial training (IT) student in Nigeria in 2022?

As a biochemistry student in Nigeria preparing to go for your I.T, this is probably one of the important questions you’ve been asking and looking for helpful answers this year, ever since you’re expected by your school and department to soon commence your compulsory industrial training this year or next and you really don’t know what to do or how to go about it.

You don’t have to worry again, because you’re at the right place.

Being an industrial training student in the past and also a biochemistry graduate also, I will teach you in brief what biochemistry is all about, skills needed as a biochemistry industrial training student and where you could undergo your own industrial training in Nigeria.

What Is Biochemistry? It’s Philosophy & Objectives In Nigeria

Biochemistry is a science which offers chemical and physical explanations to the unique group of matter that has life. It seeks to unravel the mystery underlying the chemical constitution and processes in living matter.

Also, Biological Chemistry sometimes called Biochemistry, is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms.

In other words, biochemistry deals with the chemical combinations and reactions that take place because of the biological processes such as growth, reproduction, metabolism, heredity, etc.

Furthermore, biochemistry has made giant strides in the last five or six decades and its relevance have been further emphasized by the present trend of looking at life processes and the attendant anomalies from the molecular level.

Therefore, it is at the core of medicine, agriculture, biology, industry, etc.

Certainly, biochemistry produces biochemists that are relevant to the local environment in particular and the world in general.

Hence, emphasis is therefore laid on the possible use of locally available materials in improving the nutritional, health and industrial requirements of the immediate environment and Nigeria at large.

There’s also the application of biochemistry knowledge to the ecological and environmental planning policies, the training of skilled manpower for uplifting traditional Medicare, traditional cosmetology, basic health and dental care delivery, etc.

However, some Nigerian universities provide a four/five year undergraduate course that already includes an industry/research placement year, usually undertaken in the pharmaceutical or bio-technical industry or a research institute.

In addition, biochemistry industrial training placements help to further develop the key skills and provide opportunities for building contacts, reports and networking.

In conclusion, as a biochemistry industrial training student, it is very important to enhance your degree with extra skills and experiences which show that you are a qualified person engaging with the world around you.

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Admission Requirements In Most Nigerian Institutions

Firstly, University Matriculation Examination (U.M.E) candidates are expected to possess the Senior Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.E) or W.A.E.C with credit passes in five (5) subjects which must include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and any other subject with a minimum of pass in English Language.

The five credits must not be in more than two sittings.

The Main Employers Of Biochemistry I.T Students & Graduates In Nigeria Are:

  • Research Institutes;
  • Universities;
  • Government Departments;
  • Health Service (Private & Public)
  • Forensic Science Services
  • Environment Agency.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food, Water and Agricultural Companies
  • Biotechnology Firms

Skills Needed As A Biochemistry Industrial Training Student In Nigeria:

  • In-depth knowledge of molecular biology techniques
  • Ability to assemble an argument and engage in debate
  • Observation Skills
  • Research & Data Analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Scientific Skills
  • Research Methodology
  • Practical laboratory skills
  • Ability to understand complex biological processes
  • Analytical Skills
  • Self-management and Professional Development
  • IT Knowledge
  • Computational Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Teamwork & Communication

Having known all these important tips, if you’re now ready to learn how you could easily secure possible SIWES placement for your biochemistry industrial training this year, then quickly click and read the post below.

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