How to Check UBA BVN Number With Phone Online (Code)

Have you thought about how you can check your UBA BVN number with a few taps on your mobile phone screen?

Have you imagined how fantastic it could be to get important banking information with only a few touches on your phone screens?

With just your mobile device and a few easy steps, you will have your BVN number at your fingertips without having to wait in a long bank queue or fill out loads of paperwork.

So, take out your phone and join us as we explore how you can get this done in a matter of minutes!

What is the BVN (Bank Verification Number)?

BVN, known as “Bank Verification Number” is a unique identification number issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to individuals who have bank accounts in Nigeria.

The BVN is a biometric-based system that helps to reduce identity theft, fraudulent activities, and other financial crimes in the Nigerian banking system.

All banks in Nigeria use the BVN as a method of identification, giving people a distinct identity connected to their biometric data, like fingerprints and face recognition.

Customers’ identities are helped to be verified and authenticated, guaranteeing that they are who they say they are when engaging in any financial transaction.

Importance of BVN

The importance of BVN in the Nigerian banking system is found in its capacity to increase banking transaction security, reduce fraudulent activities, and help build a more stable financial system.

Here is a list of the importance of BVN in the Nigerian banking sector:

  • It helps with identity verification.
  • It prevents frauds.
  • Financial inclusion.
  • It provides ease of banking transactions.
  • BVN helps in enhancing the security of Nigerian banking transactions.
  • Customer protection.

How to Check Your UBA BVN Number With Your Phone

Follow these steps to check your UBA BVN with your mobile phone:

  • Ensure that the number on the phone you want to use is linked to your active UBA account. If it’s not yet linked, you must go to any UBA branches close to you to get that done.
  • Once the number is linked to your account, dial *565*0# to retrieve your BVN number.
  • After dialing *565*0#, you will see a list of options on your phone screen.
  • Scroll through to find the options that correspond to BVN services.
  • Choose the BVN option by typing in the corresponding number or code that appeared on your phone screen.
  • Follow all the directions that pop up on your phone screen.
  • To confirm your identification, the system will require you to type in your UBA account number or any other important information needed.
  • Your BVN number will appear on your phone’s screen after the system has confirmed your identification.
  • Now, take a notebook or more pad and write your BVN number for future use.
  • Don’t forget to keep the number safe.

Note that the steps discussed above might change based on the actual USSD code or menu options provided by UBA; the steps may differ significantly.

You should contact UBA customer service for support if you encounter problems or the provided USSD code does not function.

How to Protect Your UBA BVN Number from Scammers

Daily, scammers try to come up with new strategies on how to gain access to people’s funds in the bank through their BVN numbers.

However, you can protect your BVN number using these tips:

1. Keep Your BVN Confidential

Your BVN number is personal property that should not be shared even with your parents.

So, keep it as confidential as you can.

Only share it with a customer care representative inside the bank.

Please do not share it over the phone or email messages.

2. Be Careful of Phishing Attempts

Beware of emails, text messages, or phone calls that pretend to be from UBA requesting your BVN or personal information.

Scammers often use phishing techniques to trick people into sharing their confidential details.

Keep this in mind, UBA will never ask for your BVN or sensitive information via email or phone.

3. Verify the Source of Requests

Whenever you receive a request for your BVN or personal information, verify the authenticity of the source.

Contact UBA directly through their official customer care channels to confirm if the request is legitimate.

4. Use Unique and Strong Passwords

Make sure the passwords you’re creating are something you can remember and unique.

Do not use passwords anyone can guess.

Make it powerful.

If you encounter challenges when checking your UBA BVN number using your phone, do these:

  • Reach out to UBA customer care.
  • Visit any Union Bank of Africa close to you.
  • Double-check what you typed in.
  • Clear your cache or try using another browser or device.


Checking your UBA BVN number with your phone from the comfort of your home is pretty easy to navigate through by reading up all that we’ve discussed so far.

When checking for your BVN through your phone and you encounter any issues, quickly proceed to the bank, and the customer care representatives will help you sort it out.

Do not share your BVN with anyone to avoid being scammed.

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