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Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 9 Housemates in 2024

Big Brother Naija is a reality television show in which a group of contestants, known as “housemates,” live together in a house and are filmed by cameras 24 hours a day.

The show is based on the international Big Brother franchise and has been airing in Nigeria since 2006.

Each season of Big Brother Naija features a new group of housemates who compete in challenges and are voted on by the public.

The last remaining housemate is declared the winner and receives a cash prize.

Big Brother Naija has been very popular in Nigeria and has spawned many spin-offs and imitators.

The show has also generated a lot of controversy because of the behavior of some housemates and the show’s themes of love and romance.

Big Brother Naija is a reality television show, and the housemates are not necessarily representative of the Nigerian population.

Big Brother Naija Season 9 is the new season of the Nigerian version of the reality show Big Brother.

It premiered on Sunday 21st July 2024 on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu returned as the host for the 8th consecutive time.

The ‘All Stars’ edition will feature carefully selected housemates and fan favourites from previous editions of the show which include See Gobbe, Double Wahala, Pepper Dem, Lockdown, Shine Ya Eye and Level Up.

The headline sponsor of the show is MoniePoint.

According to the organizers of the show MultiChoice, the winner of the season is expected to win ₦120 million grand prize.

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Here is the list of Big Brother Naija season 9 housemates in 2024:

1. CeeC

When Biggie calls, you abide.

That’s exactly why lawyer, filmmaker, and businesswoman, CeeC, of Double Wahala fame has made a swift comeback to Big Brother Naija.

Describing herself as a passionate and ambitious individual, CeeC believes her time in the Double Wahala season was an interesting experience.

She has since moved on to create two successful businesses for herself, a feat she is proud of.

When CeeC is not on the latest litigation or running the business world, she unwinds by getting involved in a couple of fitness routines and visiting beautiful tourist spots around the world.

2. Kiddwaya

Big Brother Naija: Lockdown alum Kiddwaya enjoyed his time in the house so much it was an easy decision that he would sign up for another shot at the crown, this time in the All-Stars edition.

Kiddwaya is candid when detailing his time away from the show: “Lockdown was a great time.

I loved every bit of my experience, and it felt like I was back in boarding school.

However, becoming a celebrity was new to me. I had to navigate that on my own. I’m super proud that I handled it with no scandals.”

Apart from winning BB Naija All-Stars, Kiddwaya has many other plans in the pipeline – one of which is the launch of a television show he has been working on.

3. Doyin

Bursting onto the Big Brother Naija streets in the Level Up Season, Doyin says her time in the house showed her she was too trusting.

She realized she has to stop trying to see the good in people, because some people are “just not good”.

Describing herself as a young business-oriented and fun-loving lady, Doyin says she is going back into Biggie’s domain because she wants more visibility for the projects she is into.

She also wants more opportunities that come with the show, as well as to show the world more of the Doyin David brand.

Doyin’s favourite ways to unwind include reading, shopping, partying, and chatting with friends.

The medical radiographer describes some of her high points as starting a podcast, setting up her mother’s business, and buying a new car.

4. Frodd

Having made the Top 3 on Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem, 32-year-old realtor, club owner and lifestyle promoter Frodd says he’s back in Biggie’s house to show the viewers that their support from back then has not been in vain.

“I’ve grown tremendously in business and, of course, financially. I’m in a well-defined social circle.

I am one of Nigeria’s top nightlife business promoters and I own multiple businesses.

I got married to a beautiful woman, and she is currently expecting our bundle of joy any day now,” he says proudly.

Although Frodd has been working on a lot of projects that could benefit from the platform, he is also hoping to get some much-needed rest in the house.

This tech enthusiast and fashionista counts watching his mum go into a coma after a life-threatening surgery as the lowest point in his life.

Frodd adds that “The day my wife told me she was pregnant has to be the highest point of my life.”

5. Uriel

At 33, Uriel has transformed herself from her time on See Gobbe and is now a renowned health enthusiast and advocate.

Her journey to a healthy lifestyle was motivated by her own health struggles and right now, no one can come between her and her workouts and love for cooking.

Selling over 30,000 meal plans, which she achieved all by herself, was a turning point in Uriel’s life.

“It’s been so amazing. I’m really proud of myself and I am thankful for the support,” she says.

Although she previously left the house in the sixth week, Uriel believes she’s still the most relevant housemate from her set and hopes her finely honed personal talents will give her an edge over her competition. “I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I’m also very observant, friendly yet cautious, and a very real person.”

Uriel is back in the Big Brother Naija house because she has mentally and physically improved, and she hopes that the right man, who must be 6 ft 3 with broad shoulders, will find her on the show.

6. Pere

Pere, the Delta State-born Big Brother Naija; Shine Ya Eye housemate who came in as a Wildcard and made it to the finale, is back for another shot at the crown – and when he details his reasons, Pere is as candid as they come.

“I’m back because I want to show the viewers a different side of Pere. I want to have fun.

I also want to ‘show’ those who slagged about me when I was Head of House, ” he says with a chuckle.

The self-confessed “sexy Lagos boy” has been following some new passions since he left the house and his love for IT is on top of the list.

Even then, the qualified nurse-turned-actor remains in hot pursuit of his entertainment dreams and has executive produced his own movie, which will come out on a major streaming platform soon and hopes the cherry on top will be a BB Naija: All-Stars win.

7. Princess

30-year-old Enugu State businesswoman and Big Brother Naija; Double Wahala alum Princess is ready to entertain the continent in this All-Stars edition, and insists the motivation for her comeback is Biggie, whom she has missed terribly.

Princess looks back fondly at her time in the house and is glad to have made lifelong friends and meaningful connections. “It was such a wonderful experience, I had to do it again,” she says.

“Awesome, realistic and passionate” is how she describes herself and where romantic relationships are concerned.

She identifies as single even though she’s in a relationship, because “Everything is void until you are declared married.”

8. Soma

Soma, the 31-year-old multi-talented entertainer from Imo state, is back in Big Brother’s house for a second chance to redeem himself.

Blessed with a loving, talented family of entertainers, he reckons his innate gifts come from his mother.

The See Gobbe alumnus enjoyed his time on this season so much so that he rates it as the highest point of his life.

This all-rounder takes entertainment to the next level as he is also an excellent singer, and you might just catch him indulging in DIY projects and enjoying delicious meals during his spare time.

Soma is confident BB Naija All-Stars will be the season where he takes the crown home.

9. Angel

Influencer and podcaster Angel makes her big return to the Big Brother Naija house as a housemate on the All-Stars edition.

Fans of Africa’s hottest reality tv show will remember Angel from BB Naija Season 6: Shine Ya Eye, where she made a splash with her friendly, flirty nature and love for a good time.

Now that she’s 23, Angel feels she’s grown, and she’s ready for a second shot at the crown.

Reflecting on her Big Brother journey, Angel says: “I had fun in the house. I made a lot of friends, and I liked Big Brother.”

Despite unpleasant experiences with social media trolls upon leaving the show, Angel couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in the house again.

“Three months of free food, free electricity and no bills, plus I get to have fun? Sign me up.”

10. Neo

29-year-old entertainment entrepreneur and Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate Neoenergy is grabbing his second chance at winning the money with both hands, and he is hoping his “charisma and good energy” will help him achieve this in the All-Stars edition.

A lot of positives have coloured Neoenergy’s life since he last called the BB Naija house home, and smashing his goals has become second nature.

For starters, he could make his acting debut, a feat he is proud of.

“Life has definitely changed, and it’s baffling, because being on the show felt like being on an all-expenses paid vacation with lots of freebies,” the Delta State native says with a smile.

Although he fancies himself to be a firm believer in love, Neoenergy is still single and searching and hopes love will locate him one day.

11. Alex

The last time Big Brother Naija fans saw Enugu State’s Alex in the House was back in 2018 during the Double Wahala edition.

The media personality, anti-bullying activist and New York Film Academy alum is back to do it all over again, and this time guarantees her “exceptional self” will be a “breath of fresh air”, traits that will help her win the money.

Alex reveals a lot has happened in her life since she was last on the show, and she can’t wait to share her experiences with her fellow Housemates and Big Brother Naija fans alike.

“I was really young when I was last on the show. I was happy, very outspoken self and I loved to party. This All-Stars season, I want people to meet parts of me they haven’t met yet.

Of course, I want to have fun too,” she enthuses.

What’s happening with love life? Alex is as candid as they come; “I’m currently single and searching”.

12. Seyi

Former BB Naija: Pepper Dem Housemate Seyi has come a long way since his first foray into the Big Brother house.

Not only is he now a happily married man and doting “boy dad”, Seyi has also featured in some hit movies that have turned him into a media influencer and business owner.

As a proud family man, the birth of his son was a defining moment for Seyi, and with his return to reality tv, he wants to make both his wife and son proud by bagging this season’s winnings.

“I want to do it for them. I would like to show my reinvented self and strategically place myself in the sight of investors.”

Seyi hopes his “balanced moral compass, “, as well as his “openness to evolve”, will give him the edge he needs to outwit and outplay his fellow All-Stars Housemates.

13. Ilebaye

With fun on her mind for Big Brother Naija All-Stars, this 22-year-old model and businesswoman refers to herself as unique, nice, fun to be with and playful, traits she hopes will shine through on the show as she takes a second shot at the crown.

For this Big Brother Naija Level Up alumnus, making her first million remains her life’s highlight, while losing her brother marked her lowest point in life.

Though she was in the Big Brother Naija house for a short time last year, Ilebaye has been exposed to a lot of great opportunities that she remains grateful for and hopes this will be the year she wins the money.

A proud criminology and security studies graduate.

This firecracker loves partying, shopping, swimming and sleeping. She says she is currently single and ready to have fun.

14. Ike

Since leaving Biggie’s Pepper Dem house, Ike has made new friends, started a new occupation and bought himself a new car.

He says he had a lot of fun on Pepper Dem and made some new friends, but because he didn’t win, he is back for the money.

“Single and searching” on the relationship front, Ike describes himself as honest, confident, intelligent and stubborn, which he cautions is something to note for any potential out there.

This first born of four enjoys working out, traveling, watching movies and going to restaurants.

The highest point of his life? Moving to Nigeria in 2018 – and the lowest; his grandfather’s death in 2016.

15. Venita

Venita earned the nickname “Phoenix” during her time on Big Brother Naija Season 4: Pepper Dem, after Biggie gave her props for “always finding a way out no matter what difficult situation she found herself in”.

Now, she’s back for BB Naija All-Stars with a bagful of AMVCA-nominations and plenty stories to tell.

Reflecting on her time in the house, the UK-born mother of two says coming into the show late sharpened her and helped her develop resilience.

“Although I joined Pepper Dem halfway, I received a lot of support from the fans.

I am here to update my people on all the good things that have been happening in my life.

I am looking forward to the full experience this time around,” she says with a smile.

And for all those who are curious about Venita’s relationship status; she’s single.

16. Adekunle

BB Naija: Level Up reality star, Adekunle, makes his comeback to BB Naija, this time as a contestant in this season’s All-Stars edition.

A lot has changed since the last time Adekunle walked Biggie’s corridors.

For starters, he is now the proud owner of an ear piercing, a ‘first’ for this charming Lagos native.

Adekunle considers his first time on the show a learning curve that helped him gain a new perspective on life and hopes his experience will take him to the top this time around.

“Last season, I was at a point where I was trying to rediscover myself. I was trying to react, relate, and adapt to a new environment with new people.

This time, things will be different.”

Adekunle is excited at the prospect of being part of the Big Brother Naija social experiment again and looks forward to coming out tops.

17. Tolanibaj

Since her last appearance on Big Brother Naija, Tolanibaj has gained respect as a brand and solidified her position as a celebrity.

She is back in Biggie’s house to showcase more of her dynamic personality and to make her late father proud.

“I won’t lie. I’m also back for the love of being on TV,” she confesses with a smile.

As a DJ, actress and clothing brand owner, 31-year-old Tolanibaj is no stranger to the spotlight. “I love music, dancing, and surrounding myself with positive energy. I’m big on energy,” she stresses.

Tolanibaj is audacious and sees herself as the life of the party and she hopes her jovial nature and the bold spirit showcased during her time as a Big Brother Naija Housemate in the thrilling Lockdown season will help her win the money.

18. Cross

Cross made his debut on Big Brother Naija in the Shine Ya Eye season where he made Top 6.

Describing his time in the house as the best time of his life, the self-acclaimed “Man of Love” says he is coming back to Biggie’s house to win, have fun, and educate people about tech.

His mother’s surprise appearance at the Shine Ya Eye finale remains one of his high points in life, and going into tech as one of the latest developments in his life.

When Cross is not hard at work being a tech guru, he unwinds by travelling, engaging in philanthropic work and working on his fitness.

19. Mercy Eke

“I’ve come back to Biggie’s house because winners never stop winning” is the confident assertion of Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem winner Mercy, who is back for another shot at the crown this All-Stars season.

Although this 29-year-old media personality has made a name for herself in the television and business worlds following her victory, she admits she couldn’t pass up the chance to return and possibly win again.

“I was on the show in 2019 and it was a beautiful experience with some difficulties.

I met some wonderful people who I still have connections with today,” she says about her eventful time in the house.

20. Whitemoney

Winner of Big Brother Shine Ya Eye, Whitemoney, made a name for himself in Biggie’s house with his kitchen skills and singing abilities.

The multi-talented businessman with all-round good vibes says he is coming back to Biggie’s house to promote his brand, his business, and his music.

Speaking about his high points in life, Whitemoney describes winning the Shine Ya Eye season as his biggest highlight to-date and reveals he has learnt a lot about life and grown in knowledge since the last time viewers saw him on the Big Brother Naija stage.

When he is not held down by the rigours of being a businessman, Whitemoney likes to unwind with pleasant music and sometimes takes a drive to clear his mind and recalibrate.

21. Lucy

Former Lockdown season housemate Lucy has returned to the Biggyverse for the exposure; as a house guest, expect to see a different side of Lucy, from “fighter girl” to “lover girl.”

22. Sholzy

Popularly known as Omoshola, Sholzy answered Biggie’s call to join All Stars solely because of his fans. He is here to have fun and leave with no regrets.

23. Kim Oprah

Biggie called, and former Pepper Dem season housemate Kim Oprah is back with a bang to have a fantastic time, showcase her talents and rattle all your faves.

24. Prince Nelson

On All Stars expect to see a relaxed Prince Nelson. He plans to resell himself and cruise through the season.

People in Big Brother Naija

Here are the 24 people in Big Brother Naija Season 9 2024:

  • CeeC
  • Kiddwaya
  • Doyin
  • Frodd
  • Uriel
  • Pere
  • Princess
  • Soma
  • Angel
  • Neo
  • Alex
  • Seyi
  • Ilebaye
  • Ike
  • Venita
  • Adekunle
  • Tolanibaj
  • Cross
  • Mercy Eke
  • Whitemoney
  • Sholzy
  • Lucy
  • Kim Oprah
  • Prince Nelson

Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemates 

Housemates Age Occupation State of Origin Relationship Status
Cee-C 30 Lawyer, Filmmaker, and Businesswoman Enugu Single
Kiddwaya 30 Influencer, Entrepreneur Benue Single
Doyin 28 Medical Radiographer and Businesswoman Ondo Single
Frodd 32 Realtor, Club Owner, and Lifestyle Promoter Anambra Married
Uriel 33 Health Enthusiast and Advocate Imo Single
Pere 38 Actor Delta Single
Princess 30 Businesswoman Enugu Single
Soma 31 Entertainer Imo Single
Angel 23 Influencer and Podcaster Akwa Ibom Single
Neo 29 Entertainment Entrepreneur Delta Single
Alex 27 Actress Enugu Single
Seyi 34 Actor, Media Influencer and Businessman Ogun Married
Ilebaye 22 Model and Businesswoman Kogi Single
Ike 31 Media Influencer and Businessman Imo Single
Venita 36 Actress and Businesswoman Delta Single
Adekunle 29 Media Influencer and Host Lagos Single
Tolanibaj 31 DJ, Actress, and Clothing Brand Owner Lagos Single
Cross 32 Tech Guru, Media Influencer, and Businessman Anambra Single
Mercy Eke 32 Model, Actress, and Businesswoman Imo Single
White Money 31 Singer, Songwriter, Media Influencer and Businessman Enugu Single
Prince Nelson 28 Business Man, Actor, Model, TV Host Imo Single
Sholzy 42 Model, Actor Delta Single
Lucy 33 Business Woman Cross River Single
Kim Oprah 27 Serial Entrepreneur, TV Personality, and Travel Enthusiast Imo Single
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