How Much Can OPay Account Hold Without BVN in Nigeria?

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Imagine a world where digital transactions and comfort are the norm, and your smartphone is the key to flawless financial transactions.

OPay, a well-known mobile payment platform, has changed the game in this sector by making it easier for consumers to manage their finances effortlessly.

How Does OPay Work?

OPay is a banking solution that enables you to make transactions swiftly from the comfort of your home or while on the go.

Using your OPay account allows you to pay for essentials like cable TV subscriptions, water, electricity, tuition fee, tolls, revenue taxes, and other bills.

To encourage more people to use OPay, Opera has developed a few services that only accept OPay.

You can quickly recharge your phone with the OPay app without leaving the house to purchase airtime.

All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download the OPay app, install it on your mobile phone, register with your correct details, and start making purchases with the app.

Remember that you cannot use the OPay wallet to perform any transaction unless you fund it.

As a customer, I can testify that bank transactions are seamless and fast.

How Much Does an OPay Account Hold Without BVN?

An OPay account that is yet to be linked to the owner’s BVN can only hold a maximum of ₦300,000.

If you try to increase the amount to more than what has been mentioned, you must link your BVN to your account.

What are the advantages of adding BVN to my OPay account?

There are so many advantages associated with adding BVN to your OPay bank account, and we’ll explore some of them below:

1. Increased Security

One benefit of adding BVN to your OPay account is that it enhances your account security.

Nobody will access your account because BVN is a distinctive identity that is connected to your biometric data.

So, you can increase the security of your financial transactions and lower the likelihood of fraud.

2. Seamless Integration With Banks

OPay is a platform for mobile payments that enables you to carry out a range of financial operations, which includes funds transfer, bill payment, and purchases.

By adding BVN to your account, you make it less difficult to move money from your other bank account.

3. Expanded Transaction Limits

There may be restrictions on some financial activities you can carry out on your OPay, such as the maximum amount you can transfer or the maximum amount you can hold in the account.

But by linking your BVN, you can be qualified for higher transaction limits, which gives you the ability to make more significant transactions and have full control over your money.

4. KYC Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are implemented to prevent money laundering, fraudulent activities, and other illegal actions.

By linking BVN to your OPay account, you fulfill the KYC requirements, making sure that you can fully use the features and services provided by OPay with no compliance issues.

5. Access to Additional Services

Users who have linked their BVN to their OPay accounts may be the only ones who can access some additional financial products or services.

Accessibility to mortgages and loans, account management, or investment options are a few examples of these services.

You can access these extra advantages and increase your financial alternatives by adding your BVN.

How much can my OPay account receive without BVN?

OPay users can only receive ₦50,000 per time if they do not link their BVN to their OPay account.

So, to receive more funds per time, link your BVN to your account.

Guess what? It’s pretty straightforward.

However, if you encounter any issues on the way, contact the OPay customer support.

How to Add BVN to Your OPay Account

Here are the steps to link your BVN to your OPay account:

  • If you already have an OPay app on your phone, open the app, but if you don’t, visit Google PlayStore or App Store to download.
  • Log into your account.
  • Tap on the word “Me” at the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Move to the top and look at the left-hand corner where your profile image is located.
  • Click on Upgrade to move from tier one to tier two by entering your BVN.
  • Tap on verify.
  • Be patient and allow the verification process to be complete.
  • Once it’s successful, you can now use your OPay without limits by having access to ₦200,000 daily limit and ₦500,000 maximum amount your account can hold.

Why is the BVN required for OPay accounts?

The primary purpose of the BVN requirements for OPay accounts is to increase the privacy and openness of financial operations.

It encourages accountability, guarantees adherence to legal requirements, and aids in preventing fraud and identity theft.

What does BVN stand for?

BVN is a unique identifying number that the central bank of Nigeria issues to individuals to identify them, verify their identity, and secure their banking activities.

How does BVN relate to OPay accounts?

OPay accounts in Nigeria are connected to users’ BVNs because it contributes to preserving the confidentiality and accuracy of all monetary transactions carried out on the platform.

It helps with regulatory compliance.


If you open an OPay account without linking it to your BVN, it limits the features you enjoy from the bank.

So, if you’re still asking how much an OPay account can hold without BVN, follow everything we’ve discussed so far to get an answer to your question.

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