13 Registered Investment Companies in Nigeria That Pay (2024)

Are you interested in knowing the best investment companies and platforms in Nigeria that pay?

Are you afraid of being scammed because you are unaware of the genuine investment companies in Nigeria that pay?

Would you like to be a business tycoon, but you do not know the nitty gritty of business?

Would you like to have some return on investment?

Then worry no more because in this article I will walk you through real investment companies in Nigeria that pay.

As we experience a fall in Nigeria’s economy, it is now a big deal to invest your money adequately.

Investments are undoubtedly a very successful plan, even if you are investing a small amount of money.

You do not need a huge amount of money to invest in Nigeria today.

A few thousand Naira can help your investment grow with cumulative earnings.

Ultimately, if you desire to amass wealth, then you must develop the positive habits of investing.

To generate capital for the investment, you can set aside money every month, probably from your salary.

Similarly, you could reduce your living costs by reducing the money you spend on meals, data, and cable subscriptions.

Instead of leaving that money in your room or bank account, you can easily invest to have great ROI.

Although you may fear fraudsters.

However, there are still many legitimate investment companies in Nigeria that pay.

Getting started…

Investment Companies in Nigeria

An investment company is any trust or entity that pools capital from investors to reinvest it in various asset classes.

They can be publicly or privately owned. The company shares the profit or losses with its investors in proportion to the investor’s share.

Investment companies in Nigeria help small investors access professional financial management services, minimize risk, and diversify their portfolios.

They employ experienced finance managers who can make clever financial decisions for the client, especially during times of crisis.

13 High-Paying Investment Companies in Nigeria

These are the top-rated investment companies in Nigeria that pay.

1. Dangote Cement

One of the best companies in Nigeria where you will get high ROI is Dangote Cement.

It is a unique investment opportunity not just for Nigerians but also offers exposure to Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth potential.

This company is totally sincere in sufficient growth that is helpful to all stakeholders.

You do not need to own an oil company before you can invest in Dangote Cement.

With as low as ₦262.30, you can be a shareholder of this brilliant company.

This high-paying company is listed on the Premium Board of the Nigerian Stock Exchange with a Ticker Symbol DANGCEM.

2. Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate is among the most rewarding investment options in Nigeria today.

This is so because one of the most pressing issues as the population and economic development keep rising is accommodation.

Aside from food, shelter is considered the most essential amenity of humans.

Therefore, investing in real estate can never be the wrong option for you.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) invest in physical real estate assets.

This company helps every investor to earn dividends without buying, managing, or financing any properties themselves.

Real estate investment is a long-term investment.

However, you can make money in a shorter time by land banking with Tribitat.

This initiative is called Landvest.

Landvest is a valid investment initiative by Tribitat Real Estate.

It is devoted to creating easily available sustainable wealth through real estate investment.

With as low as ₦1,000,000, you are sure of getting 72% profit.

Tribitat Real Estate is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with the number (RC 1598806).

The properties are placed under professional management for the smooth running of your investment.

Ultimately, be sure of capital appreciation when you invest in real estate.

3. Olam Group

Agriculture has been one of Nigeria’s greatest profitable investments over the ages.

As you know, no individual can survive without food.

If suitably planned and managed, investing in agriculture may be a very profitable effort.

However, you do not need to partake in the farming process before you can reap agricultural benefits.

Olam is a leading group of food and agri-business.

It employs thousands of youths, which has helped in tackling the unemployment problem.

They help increase your capital with great turnover.

This food and agri-business company is known for excellent investor relations and transparency.

4. MTN Nigeria

One of the best companies to invest your money in is MTN, Nigeria.

With as low as ₦169, you can be a partner of this giant telco company.

MTN Group, the largest shareholder in MTN Nigeria, is currently selling ₦575 million shares to retail investors through a public offer.

The minimum number of shares you can buy is 20 shares, then multiples of 20.

Sales of the shares started at 8:00 am on December 1 and will close at 5:00 pm on December 14.

5. Airtel Africa

One of the best investment companies in Nigeria that pays is Airtel Africa.

This company tops the rank of the most capitalized company listed on the Nigerian Exchange as of July 2022.

Investing in this company will make you a great ROI.

A share is sold at ₦20.85.

According to, Airtel is now more valuable than the combination of the agriculture, banking, consumer goods, insurance, and services sectors.

Hence, you can never go wrong if you invest here.

6. Industrial and Medical Gases Nigeria PLC

Industrial and Medical Gases Nigeria Plc. is formally known as BOC Gases Nigeria Plc.

It is the pioneer manufacturer of industrial and medical gases in Nigeria.

The activities of this company include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Automobiles
  • Aviation, Shipping and Logistics
  • Fabrications and Construction
  • Food and beverages

The company in Lagos State sells at ₦7.40 per share to any investor.

Since the use of gases in industry and medicine is important.

Hence, investment in this sector will yield a high capital appreciation.

7. Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP)

Are you willing to invest your money in the Nigerian telecommunications industry?

Then Recharge and get paid is your sure plug.

It is one of the best investment companies in Nigeria that pays weekly.

Though it is based on a network marketing plan, you can make your profits daily.

It is a scam-free company because it is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number 1279919.

It is registered with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to run a telecommunications business.

Also, it is in partnership with StarTimes, DSTV, GoTV, and PHCN.

8. Uber Investment Company

Do you own a car that is still in good working condition?

Or would you like to invest your money in transportation?

Then look no further. Uber investment is your number one plug.

In this company, you will make cool cash every week.

Also, investing in Uber with your car can generate a lot of income for you every week.

You can employ a driver, or the company employs one on your behalf.

However, you have the option to drive yourself.

Aside from investing in your car, you can also invest your money.

Most Uber drivers in Nigeria earn about ₦160,000 or more per week.

Ultimately, Nigerian Uber’s branch is one of the biggest investment companies in Nigeria that pay weekly.

9. Oil and Gas Companies

Nigeria’s economy is largely based on the oil and gas industry.

Both domestic and international investors keep investing in Nigeria’s petroleum industry.

This is so because of the enormous increase in their money over the decades.

Nigeria has been among the worldwide highest oil-producing nations, so it is a good move if you invest here.

As we know, the Oil and Gas company is a prominent company in our world today because it is a high-yielding investment.

You do not need to own an oil company before you earn in this sector.

Yet you can earn big in this sector even though you may not have enough money to start your own.

As an investor or gas station owner, you will get paid daily or weekly.

However, you can buy stock from an existing company.

Holding a stake in an oil and gas company is just as profitable as owning the company.

You may invest in Chevron, as it is one of the greatest oil and gas-producing companies in Nigeria.

For more information on how to buy Chevron shares, visit their website to speak with any of their agents.

10. Meristem Securities Limited

Meristem Securities Limited is a monetary services company.

It is one of the most reliable online stock investment options for Nigerians.

They are ranked second on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Likewise, Meristem Securities Limited is Nigeria’s leading weekly investment company.

Ultimately, dividends from the shares bought can be withdrawn weekly and monthly.

Yet, this corporation comprises five divisions, and the investment arm is known as Meristem Stock Brokers.

Meristem Securities Limited began an e-commerce app, in 2014 known as Meritrade.

The app is one of the best investment apps in Nigeria.

Besides, it is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

11. Questra Holdings

Questra Holdings is one of the investment companies in Nigeria that pays daily.

Although it is an international investment company, it is also operating in Nigeria.

Questra Holdings pays out investment profit daily.

Yet, you can spend and withdraw money through crypto or bank transfer.

You can put money in different suitcases through this investment company.

The more profitable your suitcase is, the more money you earn as interest.

Ultimately, you will cash out 4% to 6% of your weekly earning Questra

12. Nigerian Debt Management Services

The Nigerian Debt Management Office is also recognized as DMO Nigeria.

This investment company was established in 2000 for the coordination of debt management in Nigeria.

It has a branch of DMO Bonds.

This branch issues securities in FGN (Federal Government of Nigeria).

Again, this investment company is issued by the DMO “for and on behalf of the federal government”.

Ultimately, when you buy FGN bonds, you directly become an investor in the country.

Investing in this company offers advantages you will not find in any other organization.

This is a relatively safe investment since it has the full support of Nigeria’s federal government.

The percentage of interest received by you is determined by the timeframe and amount of your investment.

13. Mining

Nigeria has an abundance of natural resources, from iron ores to mineral salts.

The mining category they are Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. 

This aspect of investment has received considerable attention over the decade.

For a passionate individual, investing in these areas could be extremely profitable.

However, Nigeria’s mining industry is vastly underdeveloped.

You can invest in the sector and still have a high return on investment (ROI).

You may invest in Eta- Zuma Group.

This company has approvals for exploring gold, iron ore, coal, and other solid minerals.

For more information, read more from their website.


It is pertinent to invest some of your money to meet up with your expenses.

Before investing now or in the future, it is important for you to know and decide on your money maker.

There are countless investment companies in Nigeria that pay.

However, not all these companies will be worth your time and money.

But in this article, I have narrowed down to the 13 top investment companies in Nigeria that pay.

If you will invest your money for the long term with a glorious return on investment, consider Dangote Cement, Olam Group, MTN Nigeria, Airtel Africa, Industrial and Medical Gases Nigeria, Plc, and DMO Nigeria.

However, if you cannot wait for long, you probably want to cash out your profit every week.

Then you may have to invest in Uber investment, Questra Holdings, Meristem Securities Limited,

When you invest in companies like RAGP, and Eta-Zuma oil and gas companies, you will cash out daily your dividends.

If you are cautious about taking gigantic risks, you are advised to invest in a low-risk platform.

However, it is essential to note that the most prominent investors of our time were once like you.

Ultimately, start your investment journey as early as possible, even if the amount you are investing now is insignificant.

We are certain that you have decided on the investment company that pays you to wish to invest in.

However, it is advisable to read about the terms and conditions of these investment companies before you invest.

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