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NABTEB eWorld is an online platform that allows candidates to check their results, view their profile, and pay for their exams.

It is a secure and convenient way to access NABTEB services.

To use NABTEB eWorld, you will need a scratch card and a PIN.

The scratch card can be purchased at any NABTEB zonal office or accredited sales outlet.

The PIN is found on the back of the scratch card.

To check your results, enter your exam number, PIN, and exam type.

Besides having your results displayed to you on a webpage on the NABTEB e-World website, you may also have your results delivered to an e-mail address of your choice by selecting the options on the NABTEB e-World homepage.

You may also have your results read out to you by calling into any the regional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems or have it delivered to your GSM mobile phone via SMS.

What is a PIN?

The PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

In NABTEB e-World, it is a unique 12-digit number that is required to access the service.

The service enables direct access to a candidate’s results via multiple channels.

The PIN is found on a valid NABTEB e-World scratch card and is revealed when the cover patch on the reverse side of the card is carefully scratched off.

NABTEB Scratch Card

A scratch card is a plastic card with a scratch patch on the reverse side that conceals a PIN required to access the NABTEB e-World service.

The scratch card applicable for the NABTEB e-World service is marked “NABTEB e-World Access Card” on the face.

The approved price for the NABTEB scratch card is currently ₦‎250.

A scratch card may be purchased at any of the NABTEB zonal offices across Nigeria.

It may also be bought from any of the branch offices of Fountain Trust Bank Plc across Nigeria.

From time to time, it may become available at any other outlets designated by NABTEB.

You may check your results up to a maximum of 5 (five) times with the use of 1 (one) scratch card.

In order to check further after exhausting the allowed 5 (five) times, you will need to purchase another scratch card, which will entitle you to another 5 (five) result check.

You may only use one scratch card to check one result.

To check another result of interest, you will require a new scratch card.

If you misuse a scratch card by attempting to check another result different from the first one checked, you will be penalized as having used the card, and will be presented with the error message.

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How to Buy NABTEB Scratch Card Online

There are a few websites where you can buy NABTEB scratch cards online.

Here are a few of them:

  • Triple G sells for ₦750.
  • MyExamPin sells for ₦1000.
  • Resultpins sells for ₦1000.
  • E-PinMall sells for ₦‎1200.
  • MyCyberPin sells for ₦‎1200.
  • MyCyberTeller sells for ₦‎1200.

These websites accept payment via bank transfer, direct deposit, and online transfer.

Delivery is automatic after payment is successful.

How to Use the NABTEB Scratch Card

  • Visit
  • Select the Type of Examination.
  • Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year, e.g., 2024.
  • Enter the Card Serial Number.
  • Enter the 12-digit PIN of your card, e.g., 012345678912.
  • Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up.
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