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NABTEB Exam Date and Timetable 2024

NABTEB, which stands for National Business and Technical Examinations Board, is an examination board in Nigeria that conducts examinations for students in business, technical, and vocational education.

The four major examinations conducted by NABTEB are:

  • May/June NBC/NTC Examinations.
  • November/December NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC Examinations.
  • Modular Trades Certificate Examinations (MTCE).
  • National Common Entrance Examinations.

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has released the timetable for the 2024 November/December examinations.

The examinations will be held from 18th November 2024 to 21st December 2024.

The NABTEB exams are used for these purposes:

1. Admission into Tertiary Institutions

The NABTEB exams are used for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Students who wish to study business, technical, or vocational courses in polytechnics and colleges of education need to get a pass in the NABTEB exams.

2. Employment

The NABTEB exams are also used by employers as a benchmark for assessing the skills and knowledge of job applicants.

Many employers in Nigeria require job applicants to have a pass in the NABTEB exams for certain positions.

3. Professional Certification

The NABTEB exams also offer professional certification in various fields. For example, students who pass the NABTEB exams in Computer Studies can get the NABTEB Certificate in Computer Studies (NCCS).

This certificate is recognized by employers and professional bodies in Nigeria.

NABTEB Exam Registration 2024

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has announced that the registration for the 2024 May/June examinations will begin on 9th February 2024, and end on 6th March 2024.

The registration will be conducted online and at designated NABTEB registration centres nationwide.

The NABTEB registration fee for NBC/NTC is ₦‎15,250 per candidate and ANBC/ANTC is ₦18,250 per candidate.

The registration fees cover examination fee, result checking, biometric registration, e-learning and information VCD.

Late registration will attract a penalty of ₦5,000 per candidate.

Purchase of Registration PIN

Registration PINs primarily for private candidates are available for purchase at:

  • NABTEB Zonal Offices in Abuja, Kaduna, Yola, Osogbo, Enugu and Benin City.
  • NABTEB Liaison Office in Abuja.
  • NABTEB Area Office in Lagos.
  • NABTEB State Offices Nationwide.
  • NABTEB National Headquarters, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City.

Approved NABTEB centres are free to enter candidates for the examinations, but they should get a registration PIN for each candidate from the designated selling points.

Notice to Candidates

  • Entries that do not conform with the Board’s regulations would be rejected.
  • The Board will ensure that examinations take place as provided on the timetable at various centres.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to check for changes and updates at their centres/NABTEB website at least 3 days before the commencement of the examinations.
  • The Board reserves the right to cancel or withhold the results of any candidate in whole or in part for reasons connected with examination malpractice and irregularities.
  • The Board shall relieve its employees or agents from all responsibilities, for any injury, delay, loss or damage however caused and of whatever kind, arising/resulting directly or indirectly from any action, neglect or default on their part while acting in the course of or connection with the Board’s Examinations.
  • The Board may reject the scripts of any candidate in any paper for which the candidate has not been duly registered.
  • Only three (3) changes would be allowed for trades/subjects after registration. However, no change would be allowed for Bio-data entries.

Examinations Materials

  • All candidates are required to supply their own pen, pencil, eraser, ink, ruler, and mathematical set.
  • Candidates are required to provide their own drawing board, Tee-square, metric scale ruler and other drawing instruments. They are also allowed to use slide rules during the examination if the need arises.
  • Using a simple, non-programmable, noiseless and cordless calculator is allowed.
  • Candidates may not enter the examination hall with GSM Hand-set and other electronic gadgets.

Examination Date and Time

  • Candidates should check the date and the time of commencement of their papers from the examination timetable and their examination centre or from the Board’s website.
  • Morning papers begin at 9.00 a.m., and candidates are to arrive at their examination centres at least half an hour before the commencement of each paper.
  • No candidate may leave the hall, unless on confirmed health ground, until 30 minutes to full time for a 3-hour paper or 10 minutes to full time for an objective paper. Where a health problem is confirmed, the centre supervisor is under instruction to ensure that question paper and other worked materials are not taken out of the examination hall.
  • No candidate is allowed into an examination hall 30 minutes after the commencement.

Examination Rules

  • Candidates may not bring textbooks, scripts, or plain sheets of paper into the hall, except materials that they have been specifically told to bring for the examination.
  • Candidates must not communicate with each other during the examinations.
  • Candidates wishing to ask questions should attract the attention of the supervisor/invigilator by raising their hands.
  • The Board does not accept responsibility for losing books, bags, or other property which candidates bring to the examination centre.
  • A candidate who disobeys any of these instructions may be asked to discontinue his or her work, by the supervisor who is under instruction to report such disobedience to the Board.
  • Where examination officials or school authorities are involved in examination malpractice or irregularities, candidates may report directly to the Board with proof.
  • Candidates for practical examinations are required to provide their own tools.
  • No results would be issued to candidates who sit for papers for which they have not been registered.
  • Candidates must download the admission notice form and bring the same to the examination hall for all the papers registered for.
  • You are required to supply your personal information which includes: First Name, Middle Name and Surname e.g. “Muyiwa Emeka Yakubu, Address, Date of Birth and Gender information.
  • No candidate may enroll for NBC and ANBC or NTC and ANTC subjects together in the same examination series. Where this is done, the entry would be rejected.
  • A candidate is expected to enroll for only one trade. Multiple Entries would be invalidated.
  • Examination centres must not register candidates for trades for which their centres were not approved. Colleges/Schools which do not adhere strictly to this would have their entries invalidated in the affected subjects.
  • No ANBC/ANTC candidate may write any of the General Education subjects at an ordinary level.
  • Except for candidates enrolling for General Education, all other candidates can only enroll for any of the subjects listed against their trades.
  • Visually challenged candidates would also register online but must clearly state the nature of their challenge.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to make use of standard cybercafes for their entries.
  • Biometric registration is compulsory for all candidates.

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NABTEB Past Questions

NABTEB past questions are a valuable resource for students who are preparing for the NABTEB examinations.

Past questions can help students to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the format of the examinations.
  • Get a sense of the questions that are asked in the examinations.
  • Identify areas where they need to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Practice answering questions under timed conditions.

There are several places where you can find NABTEB past questions.

You can:

  • Purchase from accredited vendors.
  • Find on online forums and websites.

When choosing NABTEB past questions, make sure that they are from recent years.

The NABTEB examinations are constantly evolving, so use past questions that apply to the current syllabus.

Use NABTEB past questions in a structured way.

Create a study plan that includes a regular schedule for reviewing past questions.


The NABTEB exams are a valuable tool for students who want to pursue a career in business, technical, or vocational education.

The exams can help students gain admission into tertiary institutions, get a job, and get professional certification.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in business, technical, or vocational education, take the NABTEB exams.

The exams can help you achieve your goals and build a successful career.

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