Nurse Uniform Styles in Nigeria (Latest Male and Female Design)

Nursing is a noble profession that sees the well-being of individuals in society and the nation at large.

They are a huge part of the foundation on which healthcare is built.

In different healthcare settings, nurses offer patients the essential care, attention, help, and compassion they need to bounce back to their feet.

In Nigeria, nurses are extraordinary beings you can always call on your sickbed.

In most hospitals, they are readily available to answer and offer solutions.

Nurses are always dressed in their professional uniforms.

Nurse uniforms are essential for building trust and confidence between patients and medical personnel and also serve as a symbol of professional recognition.

So, if you’ve been longing to know the different nurse uniform styles in Nigeria, so you can identify them quickly wherever you see them, you’re at the right place.

The Early Nurse Uniform Styles in Nigeria

The nurse uniform was introduced in Nigeria at the beginning of colonization, just as we know that the nursing profession came into Nigeria via Western education.

The nurses were mainly foreign missionaries and colonial healthcare workers.

Their dress code was based on a Western nursing uniform.

Female nurses wore white dresses, which were usually ankle length and had long sleeves or aprons with either a bonnet or white cap to complement their look.

The hat is a significant part of the attire and symbolizes the nurse’s professional status and authority.

Male nurses were known for their white shirts with matching pants or trousers.

They also wore white coats or jackets over their attire to signify that they were healthcare workers.

However, the dress code has changed with some alterations depending on the region and healthcare institution/organization.

Types of Nurses in Nigeria

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Midwife
  • Pediatric Dentist Appointment Nurse
  • Psychiatric Nurse
  • Nurse Educator
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Nurse Administrator

The above-listed nurses are only a few of the nurses In Nigeria, and they are categorized based on their qualifications, the healthcare organizations, and their responsibilities.

Styles of Nurse Uniform in Nigeria

There are a couple of common styles of uniforms you can find among nurses in Nigeria.

Usually, these are based on the organization involved, as the styles differ from one healthcare institution to another.

Look at them below:

1. Scrubs

nurse scrub uniform

Scrubs are one style of nurse uniforms in Nigeria.

It is worn by nurses and other workers involved in patient care.

Although, they were initially designed to be worn by surgeons and operating room workers when sterilizing themselves before surgery.

However, they are now worn by nurses and many other hospital personnel.

2. Traditional Dresses

Traditional dresses are worn by nurses in some hospitals across the country.

In some healthcare organizations, nurses wear traditional attire representing the various ethnic groups in the country.

They make different colors and styles of traditional dress to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria.

3. Lab Coats

nurse lab coat

Another popular uniform nurses wear in Nigeria is a lab coat.

These coats are designed and worn by nurses over their regular uniforms, especially when assisting in surgeries and conducting laboratory tests.

These coats are usually made of white fabrics; they could be long or short sleeves (but mostly long sleeves), knee-length, and have pockets for carrying medical tools or personal stuff.

4. Dress/Top

In some healthcare institutions, it’s common to find nurses wearing dresses/tops as uniforms.

They are usually designed to be free or tight fitted depending on the preference of the hospital, short sleeve, knee-length, having buttons from top to down.

5. Headgear

Headgears are one of the uniform styles among nurses in Nigeria.

Nurses wear headgear/headscarves to cover their hair while at work.

These headgears/headscarves are usually made of white, green, and blue fabrics of different styles.

Also, headgears help patients to identify who is a nurse and who is not.

It also allows nurses to walk around the rooms doing their job without worrying about spreading germs from their scalps or other areas to their patients.

6. Collar

nurse collar uniform

The collar is another uniform usually worn by nurses in Nigeria.

Nurses often wear shirt collars, which make them look modest, professional, and formal.

7. Accessories

Additional accessories are included for their complete professional look.

These include name badges, watches for checking time and monitoring patients, comfortable shoes for ease of movement, and pins that display professional affiliations.

Nurse Ranks and their Uniforms in Nigeria

In Nigeria, nurses have various ranks, and therefore, their multiple uniforms.

However, these uniforms may vary from one healthcare institution to the other.

Now, check out the considered nurse uniforms based on their ranks.

1. Registered Nurses (RNA)

In Nigeria, Registered Nurses (RNA) are known for wearing white uniforms.

It could either be white skirts, pants with a white blouse, or white knee-length dresses.

In some healthcare institutions, lab coats could be worn over the attire to complement the look.

2. Nursing Officer

Unlike registered nurses who wear white, nursing officers usually wear blue uniforms, which could be a tunic, pants, or skirts paired with a blouse, and the colors could range from light blue to a darker blue.

3. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

You must have encountered nurses in navy blue uniforms in healthcare institutions.

Those are the Chief Nursing Officers (CNO).

Their dress code is navy blue and sometimes may include lab coats with a logo or emblem.

This uniform helps you to distinguish them from other nurses in terms of higher rank and responsibility.

What is the Color of Nurse Uniforms in Nigeria?

Over the years, the color known to be worn by nurses in Nigeria is white, signifying purity, cleanliness, and honesty.

However, in some healthcare institutions, some nurses wear other colors, such as navy blue and light blue.

What is the Fabric Used for Nurse Uniforms in Nigeria?

Fabrics such as polyester, cotton, rayon, and spandex are best for making nurse uniforms.

This is because they are durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

However, the fabrics are chosen based on the geographical area they will be used.


Nurses play essential roles in our society.

There’s no hospital/healthcare institution you will visit and not find nurses.

They are so significant that even a child can identify a nurse merely by their uniform.

The styles and colors of the uniforms can vary depending on the preference of the healthcare institutions and their ranks and responsibilities.

Having gone through the nurses, styles, and colors of nurse uniforms in Nigeria discussed above, you can recognize them when you see one.

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