NYSC Relocation and Redeployment (2023) ▷ Right Way to Apply

National Youth Service Corps relocation and redeployment exercise comes up in every batch and streams.

In this post, you will learn the steps to relocate and redeploy for NYSC Batch A, B, C for Stream 1 and 2 registration during and after orientation camp.

Duration of NYSC Relocation

As many times as possible, there is no specific number of times NYSC can relocate a corps member.

Duration of NYSC relocation is not always long.

It varies and depends on the reasons you want to redeploy and who you are.

After you submit your form in camp, the officials will verify the documents and some other things and your relocation letter will be ready.

  • If your issue is on health ground and it needs a serious attention or life-threatening, the management will relocate you immediately and you will leave camp immediately maybe after 2 days.
  • If yours is marital ground and you already have a little baby or you are heavily pregnant, the duration of your NYSC relocation will be instant. The camp is not conducive to small babies and pregnant women.
  • Nursing married mothers will also get their relocation instantly within days.
  • If yours is based on other reasons, you might get your relocation letter at the end of the orientation camp.

How to Apply for NYSC Relocation and Redeployment Online

You need to have a genuine reason for applying for redeployment.

Here are good reasons to apply for NYSC relocation:

  • Crises
  • Health Issues
  • Life-Threatening Ailments
  • Marriage
  • Scarcity
  • Security
  • War

The NYSC management has made redeployment as easy as just logging into the official website and apply.

With the full computerization of the operations of mobilization, relocation exercise is done online.

Steps to Apply for NYSC Relocation

Here are the steps to apply for NYSC relocation online:

  • Visit the NYSC official website.
  • Sign in with your email and password (same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal).
  • Click on “Relocation”.
  • Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.
  • You will be notified afterward through text messages and emails about developments on your application (whether it was approved or rejected).

Steps to Print NYSC Relocation Letter Online

Here are the steps to print NYSC relocation letter online:

  • Visit the official NYSC portal.
  • Log in with your email and password.
  • Click on manage relocation.
  • Make a payment and wait for it to redirect you after a successful payment.
  • Print your payment receipt, which will serve as your evidence of successful payment after printing your NYSC relocation letter online.
  • After payment, you’ll see an option to print a redeployment/relocation letter.
  • Print the letter in colored and make a copy.
  • Take it to your new state of deployment.
  • Make sure you make copies of the printed letter for reference during your passing out.

How to Cancel NYSC Relocation

NYSC relocation is not something you apply for fun or do because your friends are applying for it.

Assuming you finally made a mistake or after applying for NYSC relocation, you discover you are in love with the state and then want to cancel it. Here is what you will do.

If you applied for NYSC relocation and you are still in camp when you changed your mind, all you have to do is go to the camp commandant through your platoon instructors or just go directly.

You will need a good reason, and it might get canceled it for you.

If you applied online after the NYSC orientation camp, go straight to the L.I and inform him or her about the cancellation of your NYSC relocation.

With a lot of begging, you can get lucky to cancel it.

Also, if the redeployment letter is already out with your new state, and you want to cancel it, you will need your state coordinator.

Most of the time, relocation cancelation can be stressful and, in most cases, doesn’t work out.

Once you apply, there is no going back.

But with the above tips on how to cancel for NYSC relocation, you can give it a shot.

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Steps to Take After NYSC Redeployment

The next thing to do after NYSC relocation is to go directly to your new state for documentation.

You have no business with the original state again.

They will then give you a Place of Primary Assignment or ask you to find one by yourself.

For example, Austin checked his call-up letter and found Zamfara State.

He cannot serve for 11 months in Zamfara State because of some reasons known to him, so he is planning to redeploy to Akwa-Ibom during orientation camp.

He took the redeployment form, and it worked.

The NYSC official then relocates him to Akwa Ibom.

So now after camp, Austin will travel to Akwa Ibom and go straight to Akwa Ibom NYSC secretariat to show the L.I and officials his relocation letter and other requirements.

After documentation, he’ll be given a PPA in Akwa Ibom or asked to find one.

NYSC Relocation Procedure

For those that redeployed, the NYSC state secretariat in your relocated state is where you will take your redeployment approval letter to.

You don’t need to wait for any text or email, visit the NYSC state secretariat and begin your redeployment clearances a few days after leaving camp.

  • You can’t enter the secretariat gate without being on NYSC kit.
  • You can be on full 7/7 or on 6/7.
  • You can wear white sneakers or jungle boot.
  • You can wear crested shirt or plain white.

Your first day is to just submit your relocation approval letter, the one you printed showing approval successfully.

Once submitted, you will be given a date to come back.

Before that day, your state code would have changed to your redeployed state’s state code.

After submitting the approval letter, if you are lucky your state code will change after 1 or 2 days, if not it will be the 3,4,5, or 6th day, the maximum day for state code to change is 7 days after submission of approval letter.

You will return to the secretariat after your state code changes.

This is when registration starts properly.

You will be given a white file, inside you will see a bio-data form, fill it, your o level grades will be needed.

You will put your green card and call up letter.

Before submitting the file back, you must have gone to write your name in the book of life

Drop your account number in the account section.

Snap passport with crested shirt.

After these you can submit the file, a day after submission you will be posted to your PPA.

But if you have a company that you know they usually collect and pay corpers, go there and collect a request letter.

Don’t submit the file without putting a request letter (this is for those who want to dictate their PPA) because once you submit, you will be posted anywhere.

If the required documents to be affixed inside the file aren’t complete, you can take the file home and bring it back whenever you are ready.

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  1. Pls I applied for relocation based on marital reason,and I av uploaded the necessary documents but it is still showing processing, pls what do I do?cos my marriage is at stake

  2. What of those who have already applied it when they were in camp and it was not approved and there dashboard is still showing application processed how are they going to start a fresh one

  3. pls I want to apply for relocation online and I logged on to my dashboard and clicked relocation but it does not show anything,
    pls why is this ????
    I used chrome browser

  4. My relocation has been approved.. but I can’t print my relocation letter, it says to meet my state cordinator for clearance

    What do I do please?

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