Between OPay and PalmPay Which One is Better in Nigeria?

Using digital payment platforms in Nigeria is a practice that has been growing over the years, and it’s not stopping at all.

Many FinTech companies have launched their mobile apps for payment, as the traditional banking system cannot meet up with the needs of people.

These digital platforms have come to the rescue as reliable alternatives.

Two of the digital payment platforms that have established themselves in the industry are PalmPay and OPay.

Being two of the top e-wallets, people often need clarification on which is better.

This article is written to analyze and know the one that is better for you.

About PalmPay

PalmPay is a digital wallet used for making online payments and transactions.

Users can access this platform’s features via its mobile app, including using it to make money.

One of the fantastic things about this e-wallet is that you can make money while using it.

How does this work? Through customer cash backs, bonuses, and rewards.

You can use your account on PalmPay to send and receive funds, place withdrawals to your bank account, pay bills, recharge, and buy internet data.

It also gives rewards as points for performing transactions that users can redeem anytime.


  • Safe platform.
  • Quick and easy transfer.
  • Offers three free transfers daily.
  • Make money through rewards and cashback.
  • POS system available.
  • Great customer service.


  • No USSD banking.
  • Debit cards are unavailable.
  • Network issues.

About OPay

OPay is a digital payment platform founded by the Opera Software company for online transactions.

It is a one-stop platform for online transactions, transfers, savings, loans, etc.

Users can pay for food, transportation, deliveries, and other services from the OPay mobile app.

You can also link your bank account and debit card to the OPay account and make transactions.


  • Users can get cashback and bonuses.
  • Debits cards are available, both virtual and physical.
  • Offers multiple services.
  • Users have access to Quick cash loans with OKash.
  • It does not charge for daily transfers.
  • USSD banking is available.
  • Fast transaction of transactions in a few minutes.
  • Savings platform.


  • The interface can look confusing at a glance.
  • Network issues (sometimes).

PalmPay vs. OPay

These two FinTech companies come in handy for mobile transactions.

Here are a few similarities and differences between PalmPay and OPay.

1. User Interface

PalmPay and OPay have similar user interfaces that are easy to use but differ slightly in each app’s design and function.

PalmPay has a simple and intuitive user interface with a bold text that is easy to read.

Navigating through the interface and finding what you need is easy, with each icon organized.

Making payments on PalmPay is super-fast, and with a one-click payment option, users can complete payments as fast as possible.

OPay’s user interface is more complicated than PalmPay, and this is because of too many features and services it offers.

It has a well-organized interface, but if you are a new user, it can seem overwhelming, but with time, you will get used to it.

It’s very convenient to use this app because of the wide range of transactions and services you can perform with a single app.

2. POS Agents

You will probably find POS operators in almost all the streets of Nigeria, and PalmPay and OPay have their agents everywhere.

People want to use POS terminals to offer payment services to people who wish to withdraw, deposit, or pay bills.

The POS business is thriving, as many people now prefer to withdraw money from the agents.

Regarding the top POS providers in Nigeria, OPay is one of the leading companies ahead of PalmPay.

They had been in the business before PalmPay came in and had more agents than them.

The prices of OPay and PalmPay POS are almost the same, and each has its benefits.

3. Rewards and Cashback

OPay and PalmPay offer a series of services to their customers to keep them coming.

They both offer free transfers, but with OPay, all daily transfers are free, while free transfer on PalmPay only applies to the first three transfers of the day.

Referral cashback on PalmPay is ₦800, while on OPay, referral cashback is ₦500.

PalmPay gives customers cashback, including rewards like an offer to play lucky money games.

OPay offers users cashback for logging into their accounts daily.

On PalmPay, users can earn palm coins by performing various app tasks like adding their bank card, referring someone, etc.

4. Other Payment Options

PalmPay does not operate with a debit card like OPay.

It does not also have a USSD code, meaning customers must make all recharges and transactions with the app.

However, OPay has moved beyond online transactions by launching its debit card to improve customer banking.

Now, users can withdraw with their card anywhere.

Also, OPay has a USSD code users can use to recharge or make online payments without using the app.

5. Savings and Investment

PalmPay has no savings and investment feature at the moment that customers can partake in.

However, as a digital platform with incredible savings and investment features, OPay offers one of the best savings features.

It has unique plans with its rates.

The Owealth savings plan provides an interest of 15% for the first ₦100,000 your deposit to your account and an 11% interest for any other funds above ₦100,000.

There is also a “safebox” on OPay for fixed daily, weekly and monthly withdrawals where you get up to 15% p.a.

6. Customer Service

Both platforms offer customer support, and customers can contact them for help.

Apart from the email support and live chat feature, PalmPay adds a toll-free number to enable users to contact customer representatives if they need help.

OPay also combines email support, live chat, and a physical customer service location where customers can visit for help.

PalmPay or OPay, which is better?

PalmPay and OPay are both excellent platforms with unique features, services, and functionalities.

The best mobile payment platform for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

If you are looking for a platform with a wide range of services like savings and investment, including a debit card and an extensive network of agents, then OPay is a good option.

If you are looking for a platform with a user-friendly interface and more rewards and cashback programs, then PalmPay is a good option.

Here is a table comparing OPay and PalmPay features:

Feature OPay PalmPay
Services Money transfers, airtime and data top-up, bill payments, shopping, investments, loans, insurance, POS solution, mobile wallet Money transfers, airtime and data top-up, bill payments, shopping, investments, loans, insurance
Network of agents Widespread More widely accepted in rural areas
User interface Less user-friendly More user-friendly
Rewards and cashback programs Fewer rewards and cashback programs More rewards and cashback programs


PalmPay and OPay are two online platforms with a large market.

OPay holds a larger market share because of its early entry into the market, plus the wide range of services it offers.

PalmPay offers impressive features that customers would appreciate, like cash back and rewards for specific tasks.

So, check out these two platforms and know the one that works for you.

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