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Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme

The initiative with The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, P-YES runs in partnership with State Governments, Multilateral Development Organizations and the private sector, to develop a mechanism for the facilitation of Nigeria’s Employment and Youth empowerment drive.

P-YES vision is to empower the Nigerian youth through creating opportunities and the enabling environment for wealth creation by arming the youth with requisite skills, knowledge and resources that will make them productive, reducing poverty and creating an economically empowered youth population that are strategically positioned to creatively and meaningfully contribute to nation building.

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (PYES) aims to create at least 774,000 empowerment opportunities through direct youth empowerment over two years.

Altogether, over 500,000 youths in Nigeria have been beneficiaries of the initiative.

With the latest recruitment process still underway, the beneficiaries of the PYES initiative are estimated at over 1,000,000.

P-YES Objectives

1. Reduce Unemployment

To fight and reduce unemployment among Nigerian youth by creating at least 774,000 jobs through direct youth empowerment targeting to deliver 1000 jobs per local government.

2. Empower the Youth

To empower youth to have the capacity to empower at least one other youth within their immediate community in the shortest time possible.

3. Create Wealth

To create wealth among the growing youth population and guarantee sustained income for target groups.

4. Reduce Crime

To strategically eliminate the scourge of criminality and drug abuse among the youth by empowering them to be productively engaged.

P-YES Recruitment

P-YES recruitment process is free and the portal for application is currently open.

P-YES never seeks fees from job applicants under any circumstances.

Do not pay anyone who claims he will help you get this job.

If you receive a job offer you believe is fraudulent, contact your local law enforcement agency.

To apply and get a job with P-YES, visit the online recruitment portal.

After application, beneficiaries of the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme will be made to undergo training in various vocational skills, such as information technology, agriculture, fashion, technology acquisition, catering, and other sustainable vocations.

Afterward, the successful trainees will be equipped with Seed Empowerment Tools (SETs) such as rice mills, branded mobile kiosks, poultry accessories, mobile restaurants, farm implements, tents, and even photography units.

P-YES Recruitment Requirements

Here are the eligibility requirements for P-YES application:

  • One must be a Nigerian Male or Female between the ages of 18 – 40 years.
  • One must provide a means of identification (i.e., National Identity Card, International Passport, and Permanent Voters Card).
  • One must be able to communicate in the Basic English language and or any local Nigerian Language.
  • Be able to provide a Second Level Beneficiary (SLB) to qualify for benefits from the initiative.
  • One must possess a provable upright character and a stable mind alongside.
  • One must be able to secure the endorsement of a local government official.
  • Be able to provide a guarantor, preferably a religious leader or a community leader.
  • One must possess the capacity to transfer knowledge and mentor other youths within and out of one’s community.
  • One must complete a guarantor’s form on the website.

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P-YES Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates

The P-YES job shortlisted candidates will be published shortly after the application process.

To stay updated regarding the P-YES recruitment and registration, keep visiting this website regularly.

We also recommend that you bookmark or save this page and refresh it regularly in case of any change, and we will update you as soon as that happens.

I wish you success in your job application.

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